golden salaries for new hires -

golden salaries for new hires -

Switzerland is looking for qualified medical personnel even outside the national borders and Italian nurses seem to be particularly appreciated. It is a profession that in Swiss territory he receives a much higher salary than in Italy. However, the trade unions of the category are sounding the alarm: this research could put the Italian health system in difficulty, already considerably bent by the years of the Covid-19 pandemic and by the difficulties of hospitals in finding staff.

The Swiss offer

This was reported by Antonio De Parla, president of Nursing Up (Italian nurses union) al Ticino Courier: Switzerland has opened the hunt for Italian nurses - he said -, offering a monthly salary that provides at least double the Italian salary. This means 3,000 euros net basic salary, to even reach peaks of 8,000, after years of work in the field and a specialization. They are expected piani constant training and updating, concrete growth measures and also both professional and human enhancement, such as the increase in internship allowances, support for professional retraining and more measures in the context of greater work-family reconciliation.

The escape of the Italian nurses

There is an increasing number of Italian healthcare professionals attracted by this offer and by those available in other European countries (such as Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, Holland and the United Kingdom). However, Switzerland remains the most sought-after destination for two reasons: in addition to its geographical proximity, especially for those who are in the north-western regions of Italy, in some of the 26 Swiss cantons there are not even major linguistic difficulties, since Italian is used and spoken fluently. The situation is there for all to see and must be told to the community - concludes De Palma -: the flight of Italian nurses abroad continues to spread like wildfire. And there can't be buffer solutions other than real valorisation, an organic project built around their skills. the time has come to stop feeling sorry for yourself, we need to roll up our sleeves to stem this bleeding.

Italian salaries and Swiss salaries

Comparing wages, in Italy the average for a nurse working in the public sector is 29,233 euros per year (just over 2,400 euros per month), which can be higher or lower depending on the experience he has gained and the tasks he performs within the health facility. In Switzerland, however, the average annual salary also reaches 62,000 euros, for a value of over 5,000 per month. These are gross figures, but according to the Nursing Up union, working for a Swiss health facility, an Italian nurse can earn 3,300 euros net per month.

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