Galtier arrested the PSG coach for discrimination in Nice. «I don't want blacks in the team»-

Galtier arrested the PSG coach for discrimination in Nice.  «I don't want blacks in the team»-

Of Stefano Montefiori, correspondent from Paris

Galtier in custody in Nice with his son on suspicion of discrimination since this morning at 8.45. An investigation was opened in April for when he was coach of Nice.

The coach of Paris Saint Germain Christophe Galtier was arrested on suspicion of discrimination. According to the France Press agency, Galtier is in custody in Nice with his son. This was declared by the Nice prosecutor Xavier Bonhomme: Galtier and his son have been in custody with the judicial police of Nice since 8.45 on Friday, therefore today.

The accusations

Galtier had been accused of racist abuse of Nice players

when he had coached the French Riviera club. A preliminary investigation was opened in mid-April into allegations of discrimination based on an alleged race or religious affiliation. The facts date back to when Galtier sat on the Nice bench in the 2021-22 season. It all started with an email made public by Rmc Sport. Email written by the general manager of the club, Julien Fournier, addressed to the management of Nice: (Galtier) came to my office and told me that I had to take into account the reality of the city. He told me we shouldn't have so many black and Muslim players on the team. He told me that he had gone to the restaurant and that many had pointed out to him that Nice is a black team. Nice had opened an internal investigation and, evidently, had then filed a complaint.

Last year Fournier himself on Galtier's farewell to Nice had expressed himself thus: If I explain the real reasons why we fought, because this is the real word, Galtier will never go back to a dressing room neither in France nor in Europe

However, Galtier was about to interrupt his contract with PSG, which has already decided to replace him with Luis Enrique.

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