Brozovic, transfer to blocked by Inter

Brozovic, transfer to blocked by Inter

Of Monica Colombo

According to the Nerazzurri club, the Arab team would no longer like to pay what was agreed but would instead demand a hefty discount on the 23 million expected

When the catchphrase seemed destined for a positive epilogue, pace of all the parties involved, the summer deal jumped. This morning Marcelo Brozovic should have undergone the preparatory medical tests for the transfer to Al Nassr that yesterday evening he had obtained the yes to transfer to Arabia by raising the offer. That is 100 million in three years, until June 30, 2026. So what went wrong? Why Brozo this morning at the beach as documented on social media?

The transfer market negotiations live

The crux of the matter is represented by the minor proposal that the Arabs would therefore have made to Inter. No longer 23 million but a much lower figure (about 15 million). Furious Marottaalso because with the proceeds from the sale of the Croatian he would have launched the decisive attack on Frattesi, with the meeting scheduled this evening in Rimini with Giovanni Carnivali for the transfer market kick-off ceremony. Instead, the operation stalled and in the meantime there were those who saw Giuseppe Riso, agent of Tonali and Frattesi, enter the Milan headquarters. A dangerous interlocking game but so far Brozovic, irritated at having been put on the market without much compliments after having convinced him to renew, has checkmated Inter.

June 30, 2023 (change June 30, 2023 | 11:59 am)

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