FS Infrastructures awarded tenders worth 14.3 billion in the first half of 2023 - Corriere.it

FS Infrastructures awarded tenders worth 14.3 billion in the first half of 2023 - Corriere.it

Contracts awarded for 14.3 billion euros and a further ten billion in value for the tenders launched. These are the numbers for the first half of 2023 of the Infrastructure Pole of the FS Group which in this way confirms the infrastructure renewal and improvement plan already announced by Luigi Ferraris, CEO of the FS Italiane group.


In particular, 11.9 billion (of which 7.63 from the Pnrr) were awarded by the Italian railway network, the company led by Gianpiero Strisciuglio which heads the Infrastructure Pole. Particular focus on Southern Italy, which has seen seven billion new tenders awarded. Anas, another company of the Infrastructure Pole of FS led by Aldo Isi, has instead awarded tenders for 2.4 billion euros between maintenance and new works. Awards that are continuing at the beginning of the second half: such as the Verona railway junction worth 253 million euros to the consortium of companies formed by Pizzarotti, Saipem and Salcef and for the Codogno-Cremona-Mantova line worth 470 million euros ( also with Pnrr funds) to the group of companies made up of Pizzarotti, Saipem, Icm and Salcef. As regards tenders launched worth 10 billion euros, however, 5.1 billion (1.72 from the Pnrr) concern Rfi and 4.9 billion euros concern Anas. There are over 180 billion investments in railway infrastructure and road traffic envisaged by the FS Group's Industrial Plan over the next 10 years, to improve mobility and services, bridge the gap between the North and South of Italy and connect the South to Europe. Of these 125 billion concern the railways and 55 the roads. A roadmap fully respected at the moment, as confirmed by the data of 2022 which saw the Infrastructure Pole launch tenders with a total value of over 25.5 billion and 15 billion in contracts awarded.

The works

The Polo currently has about 4,000 construction sites underway throughout Italy for over 49 billion euros in new strategic works and maintenance of existing lines with the involvement of 8,000 companies. As regards the annual objectives, by the end of the year another 107 construction sites for new railway and road works will be started, for over 12 billion euros (RFI 90 construction sites, 11 billion; Anas 17 construction sites, 1.1 billion). The industrial plan envisages around 80 billion in 10-year investments in the South, of which around 47 billion in railway infrastructure through Rfi. Among the main works that FS is carrying out through RFI, also with Pnrr funds, there are the Third Pass of the Giovi and the node of Genoa, the Fortezza-Verona, where also the activities for the Trento ring road, the Brescia-Verona-Padova, the Venice-Trieste, the completion of the doubling of the Adriatic section between Pescara and Bari, the Palermo-Catania-Messina, where all the lots have been tendered , and the Naples-Bari line. A decisive commitment to modernize the infrastructures and build new ones, thanks to the work of around 40,000 employees, to whom the Infrastructure Hub expects to add 8,000 with new hires in 2023 (5.1,000 RFI) and over 31,000 new entries in the course of the ten-year industrial plan (17 thousand Rfi). A commitment also in this case concentrated in the south of the country, so much so that over the course of the plan, Rfi will hire over 5,000 people in the south. An ever bigger team, but also ever younger, given that Rfi has always managed to lower the average age from 48 to 40 in the last 4 years.

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