Forza Italia, who is the new treasurer Fabio Roscioli, historic lawyer of the

Forza Italia, who is the new treasurer Fabio Roscioli, historic lawyer of the

The expert civil lawyer, formerly Angelino Alfano's lawyer, the liquidator president of the People of Freedom, the PDL which was closed in 2013 to make way for Forza Italia

Only the official is missing, expected for Thursday afternoon: but it is now clear that Fabio Roscioli, the Cavaliere's historic lawyer, will be the new Forza Italia treasurer, taking the place of Alfredo Messina (photo) who has so far held the position of national administrator of the match. The decision would not be linked to political reasons. The decision to have the function carried out by the former blue senator filled is a sign that the Berlusconi family intends to continue investing in Forza Italia and to guarantee the coverage of guarantees, as underlined a few days ago by the deputy prime minister and force coordinator Tajani.

But who Roscioli? The Roman lawyer, who graduated in Law from Sapienza with a thesis in banking law Banking secrecy and money laundering- liquidator president of the People of Freedoma political entity closed in 2013 to make way for the reborn Forza Italia. With good connections in politics and in the Roman legal and business worlds, Fabio Roscioli, former collaborator of prof. Francesco Vassalli in the civil sector, was the personal lawyer of Berlusconi and also of his children in various civil cases. Roscioli himself oversaw the last appeal, lost, in Cassation of Berlusconi against the civil sentence to compensate 50,000 euros to the former prosecutor of Milan Guido Robledo for damages from defamation. Roscioli also represented Fininvest in the lawsuit brought (and lost) against the journalist Ferruccio Pinotti and the magistrate Luca Tescaroli who in a book had reported the statements of the collaborator of justice Salvatore Cancemi, who referred to periodic payments of sums by way of contribution made to Cosa Nostra by natural persons belonging to the Fininvest group. Roscioli, author of various publications on banking lawpartner of Rm-Associati together with Angelino Alfano's wife, Tiziana Miceli, and assisted Alfano himself. He currently has direct relations with Marina and Pier Silvio and also has good relations with Antonio Tajani. As treasurer of the party he will have the responsibility and ownership of the symbol, he will control the party cash and will in fact be the representative of the lists, having to sign the internal nominations.

Roscioli, once chosen as guardian of the force accounts, could be armored in Parliament with the highest bench, obtaining the Monza seat

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June 22, 2023 (change June 22, 2023 | 1:21 pm)

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