«For Meloni only maximum respect and esteem»- Corriere.it

«For Meloni only maximum respect and esteem»- Corriere.it

The president of Fininvest after the letter: «As a daughter I only denounced the judicial persecution against my father. My words had no other intention"

"For Melons i feed the utmost respect and highest esteem».

It is with a note that Marina Berlusconi blocks the rumors of the last few hours that had her in the middle of a controversy with Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni.

It all stems from the letter in which the daughter of the founder of Forza Italia addressed the issue of the relationship between politics and justice and wondered if "Wasn't the Thirty Years War supposed to end with Silvio Berlusconi? After him, wasn't the theme of justice supposed to return to normality?"

Statements that had shaken the world of politics and to which the prime minister replied: «With all due respect I cannot consider Marina Berlusconi a subject of the coalitionin the sense that it is not a political subject".

Marina Berlusconi, in the note, therefore wishes to point out that «in recent days, the media have talked extensively about my letter sent to Newspaperwhose only motivation was to denounce, "first of all as a daughter", the judicial persecution suffered by my father and the attempt to operate a real "damnatio memoriae" on him".

According to the president of Fininvest, however, "some media however wanted to see behind this letter intentions that I never had - she continues -, just as they incomprehensibly attributed to me reactions that I have never experienced in the face of comments from President Giorgia Meloni, for which I have the utmost respect and esteem. That's the way it is. All the rest are manipulations out of reality".

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July 21, 2023 (change July 21, 2023 | 11:48 am)

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