Flat tax, the rejection of young people from Confindustria: "Not realistic" - Corriere.it

Flat tax, the rejection of young people from Confindustria: "Not realistic" - Corriere.it

Young entrepreneurs ask the government to do more to fight tax evasion and say no to the flat tax. Evasion is an injustice "unworthy of a civilized country", according to young entrepreneurs who oppose the view of the state as a "lemon to be squeezed". From the 52nd convention in Rapallo «New Frontier. Direction 5.0» the Young Entrepreneurs of Confindustria launch an appeal to overcome corporate interests and the logic of «grab and run» and ask to focus on collaboration, especially for reforms and measures that are good for Italy such as the fiscal delegation, considered to go in the right direction of a simple, rigorous and collaborative tax system. While for the flat tax comes the rejection: "a single rate system together with a reduction in the tax burden seem unrealistic", they say.

Young entrepreneurs: "No to handfuls"

"We do not ask our interlocutors for bribes, but rather an account of how state resources are used," said the president Riccardo Di Stefano, from the stage, in front of the ministers of companies, Adolfo Urso, and of European affairs, South and Pnrr, Raffaele Dense. The choices on digital and green are suicide, an "authentic harakiri" on solar panels, batteries and technical engines, instead we need to "pull out our nails and pass the principle of technological neutrality" and build new collaboration schemes with France and Germany , "our natural allies," he added. Adolfo Urso, Minister of Enterprise and Made in Italy, has made a commitment to this point. on critical raw materials. «Until now, decisions on economic-productive matters were taken in bilateral summits between Paris and Berlin. A new trilateral format is born for the first time on Monday," said Urso.

The Pnrr and the fight against tax evasion

The young entrepreneurs have urged the government to speed up the Pnrr, which requires efforts more similar to "a shot in Formula One than a race between tricycles", said Di Stefano, who forcefully invited the government to raise the bar in fight against evaders: "Whether it is large or small, its gravity does not change". The minister for European affairs, the South, cohesion policies and Pnrr, Raffaele Fitto, instead rejected the criticisms of the Pnrr. "I often hear so many criticisms that then if we look at what is happening in the rest of Europe do not correspond to reality", he said, hoping that the recovery and resilience plan will be out of the political conflict but that everyone will participate in it.

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