fewer than 20 deputies. 4-month suspension requested – Corriere.it

fewer than 20 deputies.  4-month suspension requested - Corriere.it


Less than 20 deputies for the launch of the bill to ratify the European Stability Mechanism. For the majority, only the deputy Di Giuseppe speaks

Few, very few in the chamber of the Chamber, less than twenty deputies in all, to start the (non) discussion on the month.

On the other hand, the examination of the draft law ratifying the European Stability Mechanism a practice that was born already postponed: the request to suspend the works had already been announced by the parent company of FdI Foti.

It arrived on time yesterday: the center-right groups presented the suspensive question not to proceed with the examination of the ESM ratification bill for a period of 4 months. The request will be voted on in the next sitting, next Tuesday or Wednesday. But the decision now taken: to ratify the Mes we’ll talk about it again in November.

So empty benches. The majority deserted the work on the text, passed to the commission only with the votes of the opposition, which calls for the ratification of the Mes: of the League there is only the president of the Chamber Lorenzo FontanaFor FI the parent company Barelli with Deborah Bergamini, Brothers of Italy entrusts the task of bringing the coalition’s requests to the courtroom to Andrea DiGiuseppe, deputy elected abroad, residing in Miami, in the first legislature: Using the Mes involves the risk of stigma and loss of bargaining power at European and international level, also written in black and white in the document signed by the majority group leaders, for this reason the suspension is requested, also considering that we are still waiting for what could be the new rules of the European Stability Pact, the completion of the banking union and the financial safeguard mechanisms. Therefore, the majority appeals to article 40, paragraph 1, of the Chamber Rules, to suspend the examination of the pdl for a period of 4 months, in the light of the changes.

fromopposition, where the stalls weren’t crowded anyway, decisive interventions arrived, in terms of tone and content. But in the deserted classroom they resonated in an almost surreal atmosphere. Piero De Luca, Pd, underlines that the same head of cabinet of the Minister of Economy, Giancarlo Giorgetti, points out the positive effects of the Mes for Italy. the Ministry presided over by you to request that the reform be ratified. Not doing so would only mean keeping the Mes which is already in force. Stop polluting the debate and new postponements of approval. You are seriously jeopardizing the credibility of our country – he concluded – which is the only one that has not yet completed the review process of the Mes already started and shared by all the other states of the European Union. Let’s remove this stigma from Italy. While for Benedict DellaVedova: Meloni, in the ball on the ESM, unable to decide, asks the Chamber to suspend the discussion for four months. One fish and fowl thing: not a courageous No, just a postponement for which one does not understand. Indecision in power. So Meloni takes Italy out of the leading countries of the EU and damages the country.

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