Ferrero pushes for traceability of raw materials and support for farmers

Ferrero pushes for traceability of raw materials and support for farmers


Traceability, sustainable procurement of raw materials, training on new cultivation techniques. Ferrero continues along the path described in the latest sustainability report presented, the fourteenth, relating to the period August 2021/August 2022. The heart of Ferrero’s action is the Ferrero Farming Values ​​(FFV), a framework thanks to which the company – consolidated turnover of 14 billion euros, an increase of 10.4% compared to the previous year – is committed to supporting and improving the value chain and the supply system of its basic ingredients.

The Sustainability Report, in particular, describes in detail how Ferrero has achieved 96% traceability of the cocoa purchased as a farm. In 2021/22, the program helped provide one-on-one coaching to 32% of cocoa farmers on farm and business planning techniques, while 155,000 cocoa farmers took part in group training plans. 82% of the cocoa volumes purchased come from dedicated groups of farmers supported by Ferrero.

Furthermore, in the overall supply of hazelnuts, the Group has achieved 79% traceability. On the energy front, 92% of electricity purchased globally now comes from certified renewable sources, up from 84% a year earlier. 100% of the palm oil is certified under the RSPO standard as segregated, which ensures that sustainable palm oil is kept separate from plantations and farms and throughout the supply chain. The four-year plan “Cocoa and Forest Initiative (CFI)” has also been completed, involving 170,000 farmers.

“Across each of the four key pillars of our sustainability framework, the Report shows that we have made significant progress towards the goals we have set ourselves,” underlines Lapo Civiletti, CEO of the Ferrero Group. “Despite a difficult economic and geopolitical context, the Group – he adds – has increased its investments to continue to guarantee high levels of quality, freshness and safety in all our products, while reducing our environmental impact”.


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