Ferrero: "I sold Sampdoria to Radrizzani, one day you will regret me"

Ferrero: "I sold Sampdoria to Radrizzani, one day you will regret me"

GENOA - Sampdoria changes hands. Massimo Ferrero announced that he had sold the club to Andrea Radrizzani and Matteo Manfredi. "I can confirm: Samp belongs to Radrizzani and Manfredi. It wasn't a negotiation: they led us to think from the heart, because I don't take money, I won't take anything. I won't accept any more insults: I'm happy, I did it for the people , for that part of the fans that didn't insult me" Ferrero told Telenord.

The crisis of the club

Samp, green light from Ferrero to increase the capital to save the club with the consortium Radrizzani-Manfredi. The former patron: "My story with this club ends"

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After a very tight negotiation that led to a 40 million bond loan that allows for recapitalization, Sampdoria can slide with some joy into Serie B while maintaining the sporting title and its symbol, that 'Baciccia' that Ferrero said he paid 20 million. The Roman entrepreneur had taken over the club in 2014. "Just look for a scapegoat, I haven't 'touched the ball' with Sampdoria for 18 months and the mistakes weren't made by me. I did good for the club, I decided with the heart and for the people. I'm just saying - concluded Ferrero - that one day you will regret me. Good luck to Andrea Radrizzani who is a football man".

In a note "UC Sampdoria SpA announces that the Shareholders' Meeting has approved the delegation to the Board of Directors for the issue of a debenture loan and for a capital increase of up to 40 million, functional to the execution of the restructuring of the company. Thanks to all those who made today's operation possible".

"We're all happy, it's been two intense days, we have to thank all the parties involved who have done a great job, there are many other things to do but that's not all and we have to work a lot" said the Sampdoria president Marco Lanna coming down to greet the fans. "We have taken an important step but there are many others that we have to take. Now we have to pedal".

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