Fedez and Lazza launch Boem: this is what it is about

Fedez and Lazza launch Boem: this is what it is about

Two successful singers, Fedez and Lazza, a winemaker manager, Massimo Benetello, a market leader distributor, Camillo Bernabei, and the heir to an industrial empire, Leonardo Maria Del Vecchio who loves «diversifying investments to discover new and fun worlds ». They are the – heterogeneous – shareholders of Tubo, the newco that aims to replicate in Italy the American success of Hard Seltzers: lightly alcoholic, sparkling and flavored drinks that are conquering the ready-to-drink market overseas. «Let's start from Italy – smiles Fedez – then let's see what happens. We give ourselves a time horizon of three years to understand if it will be a success».

The objectives remain top secret, «also because we speak in a market that is still in Italy. We don't have a competitor to measure ourselves against» explains Benetello who then adds: «I can say that reaching the current numbers of the ready-to-drink market would not make us feel satisfied». Also because we would be talking about a handful of millions of euros.

Overseas, the Hard Seltzer market was worth 400 million euros in 2018, rose to 4 billion in 2020 and 8 billion last year: according to insiders, it could reach 30 billion in 2030.

«It's a low-calorie drink» Fedez insists, recounting that a can has «only» 91 calories, and Lazza adds: «I don't like alcohol, this is a light and fresh drink. We must educate the youngest to responsible consumption».

«We worked for a year and a half to try to identify a salable product - commented Fedez - which could above all represent a stimulus in terms of communication. The challenge is difficult: to create a market». Also focusing on the firepower of social networks where the two artists have millions of followers.

The goal is also to open two corner stores, one in Rome and one in Milan and to link the exclusivity of the drink (which starts at a price of 2 euros and 20 cents online on Bernaberi) to some festivals. The debut in large-scale distribution is expected next year.

«The entrepreneurial project – adds Del Vecchio – anticipates the growth in demand, fueled by two trends firmly rooted in the international market» namely «the growth in consumption of this new range of products» and the «increasing attention not to exaggerate and to drink with moderation". And as for his decision to invest with Fedez and Lazza, he says: «I was already in the world of food, I missed the beverage. And this is a clear Made in Italy product, with San Bernardo water. I like it and it amuses me. Although most of my time is dedicated to EssilorLuxottica».

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