Fazio greets Emile Zola (j'accuse!). It's time for Salvini with Pino Insegno

Fazio greets Emile Zola (j'accuse!).  It's time for Salvini with Pino Insegno

The role of the victim, the purge, the scapegoat had been put on a silver platter for him, but nothing for him. Calm. Serene. Zen. Especially at the beginning of his long farewell, Fazio did not evoke obscure plots and gags, but even the magnificent and progressive fortunes of the market ("we are not martyrs, we will work elsewhere", a truly radiant, multinational, and rapidly growing "elsewhere" after the Discovery-Warner merger). In short, he never believed, as they say in Rome. What a style! What aplomb! Good boy. But nothing compared to the coup de théâtre she had in store at the end. We knew that the last episode of "Che tempo che fa" would be whiny and depressing and so it was. One could have imagined a little letter from Littizzetto with rants on "a slightly different Italy", freedom, dissent, censorship as if we were in Turkey, and all that vast repertoire that anyone with thirty years of anti-Berlusconism behind them already has seen a thousand times. Fazio, on the other hand, maintained the pathos of distance. He let it be. After all, it was his party. Then, suddenly, the genius. Here it is Fazio, on Instagram, greeting his loyal audience by immortalizing himself with Émile Zola's famous "J'Accuse" behind him, the mother of all petitions and indignations, emblem of every intellectual martyrology, prequel to all the "I know" , Pasolini and not.

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