Esselunga, 47.8 million seized for labor tax fraud

Esselunga, 47.8 million seized for labor tax fraud


The financiers of the Provincial Command of Milan are implementing an emergency preventive seizure decree issued by the Public Prosecutor of Milan, against Esselunga for the total amount of 47,765,684.45 euros. As explained in a note from the prosecutor’s office, the investigations, carried out by the Economic-Financial Police Unit of Milan with the collaboration of the Sector Against Illicit Actions of the Revenue Agency, have as
subject to the phenomenon of illicit labor supply.

According to the investigations carried out, “a complex tax fraud was carried out characterized by the use, by the final beneficiary of the illegal mechanism (Esselunga, ed), of invoices for legally
non-existent and from the stipulation of fictitious tender contracts for the supply of manpower, in violation of sector regulations, which led to the issue and
consequent use of non-existent invoices for a total amount of over 221 million euros, plus VAT exceeding 47 million euros”. In particular, «reconstructing the “labor supply chain”, it was found that the relationships
work with the client company were in some cases “screened” by “filter” companies which in turn made use of various cooperative companies (“reservoir” companies), while in others they were directly entertained with the latter which systematically omitted the payment of VAT and, in most of the
cases, of the charges of a social security and welfare nature”.
Furthermore, various searches are underway against the natural and legal persons involved in the provinces of Milan, Novara and Bergamo and the notification of guarantee information is being proceeded, as well as for personal responsibilities regarding the crimes of issuing and using invoices for non-existent operations, also in terms of administrative liability of entities in relation to criminal offenses committed by company managers.


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