Does the challenge to Meloni on the right start at “Orvieto '23”? Hypothesis of a new party by Gianni Alemanno

Does the challenge to Meloni on the right start at “Orvieto '23”?  Hypothesis of a new party by Gianni Alemanno

ROME. Mystery around the new political project of Gianni Alemanno, former mayor of Rome, former minister and now spokesman for the "Stop the War" committee. A flash of Italian affairs drop the bomb: in Orvieto - where as many as 31 associations and movements will meet on Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 July, gathered around the committee led by Alemanno and Massimo Arlechino for a large convention entitled "Orvieto '23 - Forum of Italian independence", the former minister of the Berlusconi government could announce the birth of a new political party.

A clear signal: the distance with Giorgia Meloni is such, for the ex of the social right, as to push someone to hypothesize the birth of a new political entity to the right of that of the premier. The goal: to compete in the 2024 European Championships and achieve 4%. About three hours later, however, a semi-denial arrives from the interested party.

«As it was easy to predict, as soon as the news of our national Convention in Orvieto spread, someone immediately thought that we were founding a new party. In reality, before thinking about new organizations, it is necessary to launch new political ideas, different from the conservative ones that dominate in the Brothers of Italy. Giorgia Meloni made a clear and strategic choice, she broke the precarious balance that has always existed on the right between conservatives and liberals on one side and the social right and sovereignists on the other. The print Alemannic. «In the 2019 European elections Fdi presented itself with the slogan «Sovereignists and Conservatives», it made the opposition to the Draghi government, but since the elections have approached, since Christmas last year, it has increasingly - and I believe irreversibly - defined as conservative. This requires those who come from the social right and from dissent movements to mark their position with equal force, against any identification with the American neo-conservatives - adds the former mayor of Rome -. We started with the war in Ukraine, in Orvieto we will show our ideas and launch an appeal to bring together those who really want to change Italy, beyond the old schemes of left and right. We'll see".

Who would this new hypothetical party look up to? According to some, as written, to the right of Meloni. But in reality the ambition would be another: to gather hope for change that goes beyond the right and also involves citizens from the left and from the 'worlds of dissent' who have voted in recent years for all the parties that promised radical change (from the 5 Star Movement, to the Lega up to the Brothers of Italy) only to then be disappointed and perhaps fall back into abstentionism. Voters who are now beginning to be irritated and confused by Meloni's excessive "continuism" compared to her predecessors, but who certainly cannot vote for either Elly Schlein or Giuseppe Conte who are certainly in worse positions than those of the current government. The debate will end on Sunday 30 when the illustration of a survey prepared for "Orvieto '23" by Antonio Noto (NotoSondaggi polling institute) and the intervention of the Influencer Paola Ceccantoni "Pubble" who will explain how to spread a non-conformist message through social networks.

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