Diary of an autistic boy, Federico: "What I like about you non-autistic people and who I feel more empathy with"

Diary of an autistic boy, Federico: "What I like about you non-autistic people and who I feel more empathy with"

As an autistic person, I perceive you non-autistic people as extremely different from me and if to some of you I sometimes appear handicapped, for example due to my reduced skills in verbal communication or in managing new situations, so some of you appear handicapped to me, for example for that constant and ceaseless speaking and in the end with exhausted contents or for that uncontrollable emotionality that makes some of you suffer so much.

Diary of an autistic boy: Federico: "What I like about myself and I wouldn't change with normality"

by Federico De Rosa

The distance between two different humanity

The handicap, in fact, I believe is the measure of the distance between two different humanity and therefore is always born symmetrical. It becomes unbalanced when one of the two different humanity becomes the dominant majority and then the handicap of the other humanity becomes an exclusion mark.

If then we agree that I am as disabled in relation to you as you are in relation to me and that your advantage is only in being the majority who make the rules for everyone, then we can use the term with disability without the risk of falling into an unpleasant euphemism.

Diary of an autistic boy, Federico: "I love friendship but not in the midst of chaos"

by Federico De Rosa

What do I like about non-autistic people?

First of all, the heroism that I have seen in so many of you who, despite not having the tools to understand my autism, nevertheless did their utmost to help me. The same riotous emotionality that grinds your heart when it clings to expectations that are now unattainable, that same riotous emotionality allows you to continue to love, fight, suffer when it is clear that all is lost.

Among you non-autistic people, I have known some heroes who are truly capable of bending fate, for example, as demonstrated by my success despite the limitations of my autism.

Federico: "Disability is in the beholder. Even an autistic boy can be successful"

by Federico De Rosa

Placid and hypocommunicative people

On a more everyday level, I love those of you who are placid and undercommunicative because agitated people produce too much stimulation and after a while I just don't understand them and after a while I just feel really bad just having them around.

In short, I would never want to become non-autistic like you but I am happy to have you as travel companions. Diversity is value and I would say a marvel before our eyes.

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