Denver's first time in the NBA Finals

Denver's first time in the NBA Finals

Nikola Jokic's Nuggets in the Finals. The story of a franchise in constant struggle with football, from the beginning to the last step of the qualification. And now he can even dream of the title

Rolling west, after nearly two thousand miles of more or less rolling plains, the skyscrapers of Denver that appear almost suddenly against the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains have something dreamlike about them, especially when the distance envelops them with quivering air, like an oasis. An image that is difficult to forget, and that it is not for nothing that the Nuggets have long used as the main theme of their game uniform, bizarre in appearance and now the object of many nostalgia. Denver, NBA finalist for the first time, Denver which has never been full of basketball city because in America (almost) no metropolis that has an NFL team can be anything other than dominated by football, but which thanks to basketball has been able to experience moments that have told the story of professionalism. Starting with the Rockets, the founding team of the ABA, the league created in 1967 to compete with the NBA. Rockets in black-orange jersey, because Ringsby Rocket was owner Bill Ringsby's heavy transport company and black-orange was his symbol.

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