De Wave ready to invest 100 million to expand

De Wave ready to invest 100 million to expand

More than 100 million investments, concentrated in industrial activities related to shipbuilding. The announcement came from Riccardo Pompili, CEO of the Genoese group De Wave (specialised in the construction and refit of cabins, bathrooms, public areas and kitchens for cruise ships and large yachts) which is preparing, in very close collaboration with the US fund investment firm Platinum Equity, the company's controlling shareholder, to accelerate expansion plans in the refitting sector and to strengthen its leadership as global contractor in Europe in the marine interior sector.

«We are ready to enter - said Pompili, on the occasion of the inauguration ceremony of the new headquarters in Genoa San Benigno - in a new phase of expansion, not only in terms of turnover, which by the end of the year should further grow by 10% compared to the 300 million in 2022 and 230 in 2021, but also of a further expansion by external means as has happened in the last two years".

The acquisitions

Following the acquisition of the Precetti group, then of Spencer Contract and Tecnavi, in 2022 the De Wave group also incorporated Mobil-Line, a company specialized in wooden carpentry for the interior furnishings of maxi yachts and Wingeco, specialized in the installation of aluminum windows and glazing.

«The inauguration of the new headquarters – underlines Pompili – cannot be dismissed as a mere real estate transaction. The concentration of 250 employees on the same floor in the New dock building opens the door to further strengthening of the workforce, as well as the development of one of the most modern design centers in the world. It is the testimony of our commitment to Genoa, a city in which we want to continue to invest".

The new headquarters

The port of the Lanterna, continues Pompili, «will in fact be the European hub of refitting in the coming years and one of the most important shipbuilding poles in the whole Mediterranean, as evidenced by the recent orders acquired in the luxury cruise sector. That's why we intend to invest more than 100 million, ready to seize the various opportunities that we have identified with the Platinum fund».

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