«Complaint». But the opposition asks for his resignation - Corriere.it

«Complaint».  But the opposition asks for his resignation - Corriere.it

Of Antonella Baccaro

political clash after the service on the companies of the head of tourism. Hanger (M5S): serious picture. Gribaudo (Pd): in a serious country you resign for much less. Solidarity of FI and FdI

political clash over the service broadcast by Report last Monday on RaiTre, which brought up the companies of the Minister of Tourism, Daniela Santanch (FdI) with heavy charges: Budgets in red - reads the website of the show conducted by Sigfrido Ranucci -, workers sent home without liquidation and companies of the much celebrated Made in Italy embarrassed, or even choked, by failure balance of supplies. But Giorgio Mottola's service also involves his ex-partner, Canio Mazzaro and the fees that these would have collected and investigates the relationship between some companies of the group that was awarded, without a tender, the contract for the promotional campaign of the tourism ministry "Open to Meraviglia".

The minister has announced lawsuits a few hours ago, after you give oppositions the request of his parents had reached Parliament resignation. According to Santanch, the news released by Report lacks correspondence with the historical truth. They have been represented in a completely suggestive and one-sided way to provide a reconstruction of the facts which is radically not corresponding to the truth, inspired exclusively by the purpose of discredit the image and reputation (of the minister, ed) in public opinion. The note also specifies that those responsible for the television broadcast had been previously advised to avoid to spread untruthful news, unfortunately in vain. Hence the announcement of the lawsuits.

A reply that ignites political protests even more. Nicola Fratoianni, secretary of the Italian Left, noted in the morning that the interview given by Minister Santanch to a Mediaset TV network on Tuesday evening had not clarified any aspect of the investigation: If anyone hopes that the way out is oblivion, they are very wrong . Immediately after the M5S increased the dose with Chiara Appendino that, noting the absence of explanations with respect to a such a serious picture like the one outlined by Report, he had asked for the resignation of the minister, followed closely by other exponents of the movement. In a serious country you resign for much less. What does Meloni tell us? had attacked on Twitter, the deputy dem Clare Gribaudo, vice president of the Pd. It is necessary to clarify immediately, agreed the head of delegation of the Democratic Party to the Eurochamber, Brando Benifei. Also Charles Calendaleader of Action, asked for explanations.

Santanch's reply with the announcement of the lawsuits is indignant Angelo Bonellinational co-spokesman of Green Europe and deputy of Alleanza Verdi e Sinistra: This way of doing the minister arrogant and therefore unacceptableit is therefore appropriate, verifying the agreement of all the oppositions, to present a motion of no confidence in the Minister, to clarify the matter unequivocally in Parliament, because at this moment she he is running away from his responsibilities.

The defense of the blue vice president comes from the majority Raffaele Nevi: We at Forza Italia are waiting for that the judiciary takes its course. Minister Santanch must be judged for how the minister does, for how he performs his function. Since the beginning of the legislature, as far as I'm concerned, he is doing very very well. The party mate and group leader in the FdI Chamber is in solidarity, Thomas Foti: Even today the left opposition calls for the resignation of a minister in the Meloni government. This time it's up to the Minister of Tourism Daniela Santanch, to whom I express all my solidarity.

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June 22, 2023 (change June 22, 2023 | 8:18 pm)

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