Chamber, Lorenzo Fontana: “Immigration is a problem of epochal importance”

Chamber, Lorenzo Fontana: "Immigration is a problem of epochal importance"


“Immigration is a problem of epochal importance”. The president of the Chamber said it, Lorenzo Fontana, who during the traditional ceremony of handing over the Fan by the Parliamentary Press Association underlined: “Immigration is not good for the Russian-Ukrainian war which is also reverberating on the African continent. The economic instability of North African countries such as Tunisia does not favor migration control, but migrations are a piece of an important geopolitical game in the Mediterranean where there is a flow of trade. I would therefore like – he concluded – for Italy to return to being a protagonist, I would like it to also be able to talk about the Mediterranean as a resource”.

Words, those of Fontana, which fit in the wake of the government, which has been engaged for months in an attempt to stem the migratory flows from Tunisia. And the memorandum of understanding signed in recent weeks by the President of the European Commission also falls within this perspective, Ursula von der Leyenfrom the premier Melons and the Dutch president Rutte to finance Tunisia with an allocation of 225 million euros to help the country emerge from the economic crisis and the instability that accentuates migratory flows.

Justice reform

During the Fan ceremony, in which the Parliamentary Press Association pays homage to the three offices of state with a fan (tomorrow it will be the president of the Senate Ignatius LaRussa and Thursday 27 to the head of state Sergius Mattarella) Fontana also spoke of the justice reform, ready to arrive in Parliament after the signature of the President of the Republic. “My hope – he specified – is that there should be no clashes between politics and the judiciary, there must be a balance of powers. Also because if there is a clash of powers then unfortunately, more often than not, my vice-presidents and I get in the way because that tension is created in the Chamber which does not help at work. I hope that the government can make the reforms but that they are shared as much as possible”.

The use of decree-laws by the government

The Speaker of the Chamber then addressed the issue of the massive use by the Meloni government of the decree laws. A theme on which he had already insisted in recent weeks. “The battle on decree laws is a battle we are trying to fight. We understand the needs of the government – clarified Fontana – but we must try to protect the prerogatives of parliamentarians. We often ask the government to reduce the legislative decrees to make them once again an important but urgent tool to leave more room for bills or parliamentary initiatives”. And he added: “The problem also exists with amendments to the decrees. Last minute amendments create difficulties in committees. We try to make the government understand the working difficulties that this practice causes”.


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