CGIL, "mobilization up to the general strike". The assembly opens to a bill on the minimum wage

CGIL, "mobilization up to the general strike".  The assembly opens to a bill on the minimum wage

Confirmation of demonstration on September 30thand in addition one extraordinary consultation of male and female workers, retired men and women - to be held precisely between September and October - when the writing of the Maneuver by the government will come to life. A consultation “on our alternative proposals to the government's economic and social policies and to ask for the commitment to mobilization until the general strike”, reads the agenda approved by the General Assembly of the CGIL which started on 19 and closed on 20 July.

Maurizio Landini: “Nine euros an hour of minimum wage is just the first step. Cancel precarious contracts”

by Valentina Conte

The union led by Maurizio Landini therefore sharpens the weapons of the tug of war with the Meloni executive. Among the points touched upon, also the minimum salary. In fact, the assembly gave a mandate to the secretariat "to also evaluate the preparation of a popular initiative bill for a law on representation in support of national bargaining and for the minimum wage, starting from the implementation of articles 39 and 36 of the Constitution and with an hourly wage threshold under which no one is forced to work". A relaunch, therefore, of the opposition law proposal which is in all likelihood destined to be scuttled by the majority, which has already presented a suppressive amendment which will be voted on next week.

Minimum wage, how to guarantee dignity at work

by Chiara Saraceno

Among the weapons prepared by the CGIL also "the possibility of resorting to the instrument of referendums to abrogate the laws that have encouraged job insecurityin order to be able to take the specific and necessary decisions".

Minimum wage, comparison with contracts and salaries. Here's which categories would benefit from it

by Raffaele Ricciardi

The next meeting of the Corso d'Italia assembly is set for 12 September in Bologna. As of now, however, on the agenda is "engages the entire organization for the maximum success of the national event announced with a large network of associations for work, against precariousness, for the defense and implementation of the Constitution, against differentiated autonomy, for Peace”. Demonstration scheduled, in fact, on September 30 when the thermometer of relations with the government risks being even hotter.

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