Case Santanchè, the League as the opposition calls for clarity: "Explain in the Chamber." But the Pd: "Right in pieces, resign"

Case Santanchè, the League as the opposition calls for clarity: "Explain in the Chamber."  But the Pd: "Right in pieces, resign"

ROME. Even the League, together with the opposition, is asking the Minister for Tourism, Daniela Santanché, for clarification on the accusations that have overwhelmed her in these hours. «You said you are absolutely calm, we are waiting for you to explain your reasons in the Chamber» says the Northern League group leader in the Chamber, Riccardo Molinari. No resignation, clarifies the group leader in the Senate, Massimiliano Romeo. «We – he continues – have always had a guaranteeing position. Coming to explain the question in the classroom, however, it could clarify further ». Words that for Toni Ricciardi, vice president of the deputies of the Democratic Party in the Chamber, «after the discontent of the Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, filtered on the media by Palazzo Chigi, testify to the seriousness of the situation and also how the majority of the right is going into pieces on this story. For the Democratic Party it is the "demonstration that they can no longer turn a blind eye to what emerged from the investigation by Reports. In the past, for much less, ministers of the Republic took a step back, and this is what we expect from Minister Santanchè».

Daniela Santanché, the testimonies of former Ki Group employees: "He didn't keep his promises, he lied knowing he was lying"


Even Giorgio Mulè - vice president of the Chamber and deputy of Forza Italia - supports Molinari's line with the request for clarifications in the Chamber. Reports on the Minister of Tourism, Daniela Santanché? I have to review it well, it's an in-depth journalistic investigation, with respect to which Santanché replied in a harsh and firm way. It is right that he explains the outlines of the story so that there are no doubts, it is right that he clarifies it, in Parliament or on TV, helping to eliminate any possible veil of uncertainty".

On the matter Matteo Renzi, leader of Italia Viva, guest at Metropolis defined it «an element of fibrillation, Mulè took a critical position towards Santanché and also Molinari. Let's see what happens on this point. Personally I don't attack on this, but I attack on the Mes. Because the Mes is political, this is a story that is not political. Don't look at Santanchè, at Pini, the problem in the government is Giorgetti and the Mes".

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