Car insurance, what to do to protect it from bad weather and hail?

Car insurance, what to do to protect it from bad weather and hail?

The bad weather of these days has caused a lot of damage. In particular, the cars were damaged, hit by maxi hailstorms and the fury of the wind. Damage costs can be very high. For this reason, many think of protection through an ad hoc policy.

Tornadoes, storms and hail in the North, record temperatures in the South: that's why and what will happen in the coming days

Giampiero May

However, it is necessary to keep an eye out: the insurance against hail or atmospheric events covers the damage caused by the grains, but the policy does not necessarily cover the entire amount of the damage. It all depends on the contractual terms.

Hail that fell during a thunderstorm in Bologna on July 22, 2023


What to know
The natural event policy protects the car owner from damage caused to the vehicle by atmospheric events such as, for example, inundations, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, landslides and, of course, hail.

Damage caused to the vehicle by things blown by the wind and by falling trees is included, but only if these are the result of the covered atmospheric events. As regards water-related damage, on the other hand, those caused to the engine following circulation in flooded areas are normally excluded.

Milan, thunderstorm with hail in the early afternoon

The evidence
«Some insurance companies, in the event of natural events, require the insured to provide proof of the event through, for example, articles published in the media (on and off line), a written declaration from the local authorities or, again, confirmation from the nearest meteorological observatory; the classic "Fantozzi cloud", therefore, may not be covered - they explain from -. Attention, moreover, because in some cases the natural events policy can only be purchased if added to other guarantees such as, for example, fire and theft, crystals or acts of vandalism ».

Violent storm in Monza: a tree falls on a house and destroys the facade

Expert advice
Finally, before buying the policy, it is advisable to check the ceilings and overdrafts; many companies apply a fixed amount or percentage, which normally varies between 5% and 10%, not covered by the policy. Despite the increase in atmospheric events of serious intensity, there are still few motorists who choose to protect their cars from this eventuality; according to an analysis by, in May 2023 just 4.5% of those who renewed their policy added the guarantee for atmospheric events. How much does this type of coverage cost? According to an analysis by, the average coverage premium against natural events is 95 euros.

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