Bufala Campana: for ChatGPT it is a “gastronomic treasure” also appreciated abroad

Bufala Campana: for ChatGPT it is a "gastronomic treasure" also appreciated abroad


It is one of the most popular soft stretched curd cheeses both in Italy and abroad and has become the protagonist of an article by Chat GPTwho became the “director” of a magazine issue “Bufala News Magazine”. And the bell buffaloa high quality product traditionally made in the provinces of Caserta And Salerno. For the first time an information periodical, in the agri-food and product sector After And Igpis made by agenerative artificial intelligence. The AI ​​presented itself, wrote articles on Pdo buffalo mozzarella from Campania and on the role of Protection Consortium, as well as a tool that selected the photos accompanying the services. The incipit of thearticle written by ChatGPT: “Bufala mozzarella from Campania Dop is an Italian gastronomic treasure admired and appreciated both at home and abroad. This fresh, creamy and delicate cheese is an icon of Italian cuisine and represents the excellence of traditional dairy products”.

The results look encouraging. They have not been found prejudices on the Campania buffaloindeed, a clear and complete perception emerges of how true this product is “icon of made in Italy in the world”, as defined by ChatGPT. And there are no gross errors on the role of the Protection Consortium either, with the exception of the areas of intervention. On the photos, on the other hand, there is still a lot to improve because, according to what is reported, many do not correctly refer to the processing of Mozzarella Dop. “The world of food, in particular of quality Made in Italy, has numerous challenges to be tackled with the evolution of Artificial Intelligence. – points out Pier Maria Saccani, director of the Protection Consortium – We wanted to do an experiment through a special issue of the Consortium magazine. Obviously mozzarella will always be made only by skilled hands”.

Also, on the work of the guardianship body, the IA tool writes: “The Consortium plays a fundamental role in the protection and promotion of one of the Italian gastronomic products of excellence. Campania buffalo mozzarella is a culinary treasure with a long tradition and a unique taste, and the Consortium works to preserve its quality and authenticity, guaranteeing the consumer a high quality product”.


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