«Bewilderment and indignation for those who define me as a mafia facilitator»- Corriere.it

«Bewilderment and indignation for those who define me as a mafia facilitator»- Corriere.it


The minister replies to the accusations in the question time in the Chamber: “In the reform program there is no trace of changes to the discipline of external competition in mafia associations”

“Bewilderment and Outrage”. These are the sensations experienced by the Minister of Justice, Charles Nordiowho replied to the latest accusations received from «someone who called me a supporter of mafia delinquency».

Thus the minister returned to the hypotheses of modification to the crime of external competition in a mafia association by answering a question presented by the 5 Star Movement. “The the problem arose due to the application uncertainty of the external competition, so much so that the Supreme Court changed address at the time», Nordio recalled in relation to his recent statements. The Minister of Justice then added that his considerations on the “need for an ad hoc regulation on external competition, consequently aimed at eliminating future uncertainties – he said again – by building an even more effective tool than the current one in the repression of criminal associations and those , in one way or another, is part of it».

Hence the clarification of the government official: «In the reform program announced by this government there is no trace, nor could there have been, of changes to the discipline of external competition in mafia association. It’s not part of the government programme: it doesn’t exist, it doesn’t exist and it won’t be done”.

So for the minister there is no weakening in the fight against organized crime, “it could not be otherwise, mainly by a minister who has dedicated the most important part of his function as a magistrate to it”. Finally his wish: “It is with this feeling of moving remembrance of my colleague Paolo, and of the other victims of the massacre violence, that I hope that this sterile controversy will end todaya,” finished Nordio.

The reactions

Immediate the reply of the leader of the M5s, Giuseppe Conte: They tell me that Nordio has taken everything back – the pentastellato began -. She had said that she wanted to review the external competition in the mafia association, Meloni had simply declared that she was not among the priorities but had not excluded it at all, then she had retracted saying that she is not in the government program. Today even Nordio is forced to do it. They made it clear that he’s not in the program. On this point we can be satisfied – concluded Conte – because it is a topic that is not subject to discussion ».

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