BCW: “Altruistic Italians interested in the environment. Less to power and success”

BCW: “Altruistic Italians interested in the environment.  Less to power and success”

Selfless, interested in the environment and less interested in success. These are some of the traits that stand out in the portrait of Italians traced by "BCW Age of Values ​​2023”, one of the largest surveys ever made on the values ​​that guide people. Conducted by BCW, a leading global communications company, the research involved 36,000 people in 30 countries.

As regards the behavior of Italians, the study shows that the most important values ​​are represented by well-being and personal care of his own circle and from environmental Protection, together with the possibility of being able to count on a free and full realization of the self. The desire for tolerance, justice and equality for all follows in fourth position and security in fifth. Bringing up the rear among the values ​​that matter most are power and, surprisingly, pleasure.

While benevolence, social universalism and security are the three most common values ​​globally. When asked specifically, 56% of those questioned answered that they firmly believe that all people in the world should be treated fairly. There is also a gap between what one would like to do and what one does. The survey also investigated these aspects, noting that only 46% of people in the world believe they are able to keep faith with their values ​​in everyday life. The situation is similar in Italy, where the percentage of those who manage to live according to their values ​​is 56%.

Not only Italians care about nature. Climate emergency hey phenomena weather intense events in recent years have brought everyone in Southern European countries involved in the survey to agree. Preserving nature is also in the top 3 values ​​of Spain and France, which together with our country give environmental protection a much higher weight than the global average. Great importance is also recognized in Turkey and India, where people feel the need to act personally.

The research also reveals the Italians are traditionalists, but the Americans are less so. In fact, despite the fact that tradition is positioned below the middle of the ranking, customs and habits weigh more for us Italians than the global average (15.5 points above the index). However, we are not the people with the greatest attachment to our traditions. The United States is the country with the greatest relative weight. In the world, there is no stronger attachment to rites, customs and anniversaries than that of US citizens.

The data on the candies. Italy is last in the ranking among the various countries (sub-index compared to the global average of over 70 points). To keep us company in the last positions, Spain, Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Mexico. South Korea, China, Singapore, India and the United Arab Emirates achieve the highest scores. In the case of India, a relatively young population and recent rise in the world economic order may explain more marked personal ambition than others 3

Finally, in a global analysis of therelative importance of pleasure, Italy is at the bottom of the list together with Nigeria. Leading the ranking of the regions where the pursuit of well-being and personal pleasure matter more than the average, are the Netherlands, Germany and Sweden followed by Argentina and its French cousins ​​across the Alps. Finland is also in eighth position and well above the average score globally, indicating how the search for pleasant and rewarding experiences plays an important role in these Northern European countries, probably driven by a recent past characterized by years of well-being and economic prosperity.

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