Barcelona-Juventus, the virus causes damage of 2 million -

Barcelona-Juventus, the virus causes damage of 2 million -

Of Guendalina Galdi

Estimated the economic damage for the blaugrana after the missed friendly against Juve at the Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara

can be quantified in millions of euros the damage that a gastrointestinal virus can do to the coffers of a club affecting much of a rose? The answer yes. Especially if it was canceled due to the gastroenteritis that knocked out almost all of Barcelona's players a friendly match that would have brought a profit of 2 million in terms of merchandising.

Inevitably, without the event (the match) and above all without the protagonists, the sale of official products did not go to full capacity. So this loss was created, estimated at 2 million as reported and reconstructed by Marca, taking into account the fact that the economic value of a tour in the United States like this is around 12 million, excluding merchandising. The virus is therefore expensive for the Blaugrana and this is a fact. From a physical point of view, given the impossibility of proceeding with the preparation summer athletics as scheduled, and from an economic point of view; the weight - in terms of income - of that test against Juventus was therefore not to be underestimated but such an imponderable event certainly could not have been foreseen. Neither by the club nor by the organizers of the Soccer Champions Tour who have brought together some of the biggest European clubs in the States. The Gods Machine refunds match but this dynamic did not affect Barcelona directly. In fact, before leaving Europe, the clubs signed an insurance policy aimed at protecting them in the event of similar situations. Sigh of relief for The door who again to Marca's microphones explained that the Blaugrana club tried to move this friendly to the following Monday but it was not possible because the same stadium was already booked. In fact, Levi's Stadium will host next week the Taylor Swift concert and the long stage setup operations didn't allow us to find another date.

Meanwhile, Juventus had to settle for training behind closed doors and obviously alone. All while the Barcelona players were not experiencing their best moments of the tour in the hotel and at the same time the club reassured their fans in view of the second (which will actually become the first) American friendly which should take place regularly. And the appointment was reiterated for the Wednesday at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles against Arsenalconfident that now everything will go ahead as planned.

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