Balocco promotion, also Chiara Ferragni in the sights of the Antitrust

Balocco promotion, also Chiara Ferragni in the sights of the Antitrust

Even the companies of Clare Ferragni come under the Antitrust's sights in relation to the commercial initiative promoted together with Balocco. The Authority, after initiating a proceeding for unfair commercial practice against the confectionery company for the initiative "Chiara Ferragni and Balocco together for the Regina Margherita hospital in Turin" has extended the same proceeding also to the companies Fenice and TBS Crew , attributable to the entrepreneur.

Controversy over pandoro signed by Ferragni for charity. The hospital: "The donation has already been made"

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This was announced by the Competition and Market Authority itself, specifying that today its officials carried out inspections in the Fenice and TBS Crew offices with the help of the Special Antitrust Unit of the Guardia di Finanza. On 14 June, the Authority communicated the start of an investigation into unfair commercial practices against Balocco.

According to the Antitrust, the way in which the pandoro sale initiative with Ferragni's image for the Regina Margherita hospital was presented could mislead consumers who might think they were contributing to the donation to the hospital. However, the company had already decided on the amount regardless of the product's sales performance.

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