Bags today July 19 | Positive Europe with falling inflation data

Bags today July 19 |  Positive Europe with falling inflation data

The European stock exchanges are trading positive while inflation in the euro area fell to 5.5% in June. The area index of the Old Continent, the stoxx 600, gains almost half a point with stocks linked to real estate investments which are ahead of other sectors. Industrial cautious and energy. Wall Street futures are also up. In addition to the quarterly reports, in full, the overseas survey and in the early afternoon on the June index, building permits.

European stock exchanges

Milan gains 0.28% with the Ftse Mib at 28,770 points. Among the other squares, Frankfurt at +0.26%, Paris at +0.65% while London stands out (+1.54%) with inflation in the United Kingdom at its lowest for a year (at this link the real-time trend).

Business Square

Looking at the stocks, the utility sector led by A2A (+1.8%) with Snam (+1.4%) and Terna (+1.2%) immediately got off to a good start in Piazza Affari. Purchases are also rewarding Fineco (+1.1%) and Prysmian (+1.2%). Realizations on Leonardo (-0.8%) after two sessions of good increases and more sales on Moncler (-0.7%). The spread between Btp and Bund is confirmed at 162 points as is the yield on the Italian ten-year bond below 4% (the spread in real time at this link).

Energy and currencies

Among the commodities, gas falls again, dropping 3% and just over 26 euros per megawatt hour. On the other hand, oil rose with the Wti above 76 dollars a barrel (+0.5%) and Brent at 80 dollars (+0.8%). On the food front, wheat is on the rise, with soft wheat reaching its June highs (+3% to 692 dollars) and hard wheat registering +1.6% to 840 dollars for each single contractual unit of 5,000 bushels. In terms of exchange rates, the euro remained stable at 1.1236 dollars.

Asian bags

Asian stock markets closed mixed, held back, in part, by concerns over the Chinese economic slowdown and limited support from Beijing's authorities for the economy. Tokyo ended trading higher on the back of a weak yen and on the heels of yesterday's good performance on Wall Street. The Nikkei 225 index rose 1.24% to 32,896.03 points, while the broader Topix index climbed 1.19% to 2,278.97 points. Bad Hong Kong, where the Hang Seng index lost 0.3% to 18,952.31 points while the Shanghai Composite index closed the session unchanged at 3,198.84 points. Already the Kospi of Seoul which closed flat at 2,608.24 points.

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