Bad weather, flooding in Cagliari and damage in the Sassari area. The state of alert remains

Bad weather, flooding in Cagliari and damage in the Sassari area.  The state of alert remains

From north to south, bad weather lashes Sardinia with rain, flooding, inconvenience and damage. The last centre, in chronological order, to be hit was Cagliari where, throughout the afternoon of 31 May, a veritable water bomb hit the city with hail and heavy rain.

A bomb of water that lasted half an hour

A storm that lasted less than an hour that created a series of damages to the roads and traffic jams. In fact, the water, in addition to having caused flooding in some houses on the ground floor or in the basements, blew up numerous manhole covers for the collection of white water, causing flooding. In a central road, the intervention of the fire brigade was also necessary to cordon off the area affected by a landslide.

The state of alert remains: the weather forecasts are not good and the Civil Protection of the Region has extended the yellow weather alert until midnight on 1 June. The areas most at risk will be the Iglesiente and Campidano, Gallura and Logudoro, Montevecchio Pischinappiu, Flumendosa Flumineddu and Tirso.

The damage count begins

Meanwhile, the count of the damage caused by the storm that hit the north of the island on May 30 and specifically the Sassari area where there were destroyed roads, flooded houses, damaged businesses, landslides, collapses and flooded streams began.

In the two most affected centres, Thiesi and Bonannaro, schools have been closed by an order from the mayor, both to avoid travel and to check the conditions of the school buildings. In Bonnanaro there was considerable damage to the municipal sports field, where the retaining wall that protected the facility collapsed, and to the riding track, overwhelmed by the wave of water and mud. The counting of flooded homes and businesses is still ongoing.

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