Antonio Conte-Tottenham, total break: «Selfish players»-

Antonio Conte-Tottenham, total break: «Selfish players»-

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After the comeback suffered by Southampton bottom of the table, Antonio Conte scolded the Tottenham players in the press conference. "They haven't won for twenty years"

And at the end Antonio Conte he no longer held back. After the comeback suffered by his Tottenham on the field of Southampton last in the standings (in the 76th minute the Spurs won 3-1, then the goals of Walcott And Ward-Prowse from a penalty), the Italian coach presented himself at the press conference, where for ten minutes he railed against his players: «They are used to it, they don't play for something important, they don't want to play under pressure, they are selfish. It's easy this way – he began – the story of Tottenham is this, they have never won anything for 20 years. I said I wanted to see fire in their eyes, in their hearts, and I didn't see it. I wanted to see the right spirit. Not only in training, but also on the pitch because that's where you make the difference."

"The players have always been excused"

An uncontainable fury that of Conte, who in recent days had already publicly reprimanded Richarlison: «Up to now I have tried to hide the situation, but there are 10 games left and some people think we can fight. But fight for what? With this spirit, this attitude, this commitment? For seventh, eighth, tenth place? I'm not used to being in this location. I'm really angry and everyone has to take their responsibilities. Not just the club, the coach and the staff. The players have to be involved in this situation because it's time to change it if Tottenham want to change. If, on the other hand, they want to continue like this, they can change coaches, many managers, but everything will remain the same. For 20 years the various coaches took the blame, always apologizing to the players».

"My future? An alibi, never experienced a situation like this "

Conte didn't even spare the journalists who asked him how much the uncertainty about his future might have influenced: «Try to find an excuse for the players. They have lost their spirit, they have lost being a team. The rest are excuses. We have to be professional, the club pays us a lot of money. Players receive money and show no wit or sense of responsibility. For me this is unacceptable, it is the first time in my career that I see such a situation. I haven't been able to change anything and compared to last season the situation has gotten worse. We are eleven players who take the field, selfish players who don't want to help themselves, who show no heart. We lost in the FA Cup against Sheffield United who played with young players».

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