"Anatomie d'une chute" by Justine Triet won the Palme d'Or 2023 - Corriere.it

"Anatomie d'une chute" by Justine Triet won the Palme d'Or 2023 - Corriere.it

Of Valerio Cappelli, sent to Cannes

The jury has decided to award the 44-year-old French director and her psychological thriller that delves into the secrets of a family

Disappointment Italy: landed in force, returns empty-handed. France rewards France. The Palme d'Or goes to Justine Triet, greeted by an applause that does not remember so long. With «Anatomies of a chute

» draws a thriller investigating a suicide-murder in a remote mountain chalet in the French Alps. A French woman wins again (it's the third time) , two years after Julia Ducournau of “Titans», which is now on the jury. Jane Fonda introduces her and recalls «the importance of having had seven female directors in competition». So decided the jury chaired by Swedish director Ruben Ostlund.

Jonathan Glazer, 58-year-old Londonerwins the Grand Prix of the jury with "The Zone of Interest", and thanks its actress, Sandra Huller, wife of the Auschwitz Nazi Rudolf Hoss. It is his fourth film, a fresco on the Holocaust from an unedited perspective of the Nazis. The idyllic life of Hoss and his bourgeois family with garden and swimming pool, and the horror of his neighbors, the prisoners in striped pajamas, who are never seen. The smoke that rises, black and thick, and a constant noise: that of the crematoria.

For the direction wins Tran Anh Hung, Vietnamese naturalized French, per La Passion De Dodin Bouffant, the triumph of good food, with Juliette Binoche whom he mentions and thanks, indeed he speaks only of her. Eve's favourite Aki Kaurismakihadn't been to Cannes for twelve years, 66 years of bad luck, cigarette and vodka close at hand, with “Fallen Leaves» takes home the jury prize (he had already received it in the past); his is a tragicomedy, a love letter full of cold, acrid humor, about two lonely and innocent souls who meet by chance at night in Helsinki: a lanky metalworker who does not detach from the bottle and a supermarket cashier. They are made for each other, but everything stubbornly goes against them, while the radio gives only news about the burning Ukraine.

Best Actress Merve Dizdar Of «About dry grasses» of the Turkish Bilge Ceylan, dedicated the award "to all the women who struggle to overcome the difficulties of living in this world"; here it is in a story suspended between good and evil that seems to have come out of Dostoevsky about a young art teacher who is unknowingly embroiled in an emotional relationship with a teenager. The award-winning actor is Koji Yakusho For "Perfect Days" by Wim Wenders: «A magnificent character», the fallen angel, in charge of cleaning the public toilets of Tokyo, poor but beautiful, happy with the nothing he has. The script goes to Japanese Hirokazu Kore-eda For “Monsters», a boy bullied and bully.

Of the 21 films, 3 were from our country: it hasn't happened since 2015 (even then zero qualifications). In the race there were Marco Bellocchio, Alice Rohrwacher and again Nanni Moretti who after the misstep of Three floorsstumbles, «accused» of speaking only of his world and at his navel, amidst the perplexities of the international media.

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