What a time that was. Memoirs of a pimp

What a time that was.  Memoirs of a pimp

In Telekabul with Fabio Fazio and Michele Serra, when a DC artist (hard wing) was only allowed one minute

I have been in the cast of "What's the weather like" from 2003 to 2009. Then, from the first edition to the sixth. The program was broadcast on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, on Rai 3, for 25 minutes per episode. It was 95 percent weather-based. In fact there were five meteorologists who intervened. Fazio had in mind a monothematic program on the weather, like there are in America. Think you. Gradually it became an Arab talk show. My experience has been very bad. Most negative ever.

Chief of authors was Michael Serra. He was in charge and every now and then he called Bluebeard's editorial office. Who it was, needless to say. Trump? No! Needless to say, if you weren't from the PCI, there wasn't room for your number beyond the minute (even less). The paradox: the program was from Endemol, which was then very popular with "Big Brother". The owners weren't communists. But as in the Mediaset networks there is a tendency to give space to the communists, to show that we are pluralists… Well done! But Telekabul wasn't so generous with us, DC artists (hard wing). Sorry to speak ill of this program, but not so much. Fifteen years have passed now. I remember the Rai dressing rooms in Corso Sempione. They had remained as in the years of "Rischiatutto". Indeed, of "Leave or double?".

Many international artists who came as guests said to the porter: “Friend! I've been on a state television station in Ghana; the dressing rooms were nicer”.

Doorman: “I don't want to know anything, ask the office”.
International star: “But what office, I'm leaving for Phoenix now”.
Doorman: “Are you a guest on Tele Phoenix?”.
Artist: “No, I'm going there to warm up the audience. Asshole. He excuses the word ”.
Doorman: “Nothing, imagine. A moment of discouragement can happen to everyone ".
International star: "Yes! Sorry again. It was a moment of great stress”.
Doorman: “But imagine! A moment of discouragement can happen to everyone ".
star: "In fact, I'm going through a delicate moment, I have an executive eviction from the municipality of Laredo for non-payment of Imu".
Doorman: "You pay nothing, when the junta changes, everything is time-barred".

To “Che tempo che fa”, what a bad experience, mine. Always with that communist who wanted to convince you to join the party, in exchange for evenings at the theatre, or better yet at the cinema with pro-Cuban directors. I escaped, together with the other meteorologist Luca Lombroso. We didn't bend over to make the communist card. We have been replaced by Littizzetto and Gramellini, very good and from the point of view of Botteghe oscure more suitable. Since the Communists have Auditel in their hands, they bend the data. For which they justify their artists with false data. This induces Rai to pay them 50,000 euros per episode. For me they are good at rigging the Auditel. So even if it doesn't trick it, it gives wrong data: if one sleeps on the sofa, and a robbery is in progress in a villa with the TV on, do you also count the robbers? I do not think so. Then in those phases who watches "The Masked Singer"? You have him in front with a dummy gun, but better not risk it. Open the safe and give him everything. The important thing is that your 25-year-old daughter doesn't fall in love with him and she wants to see him even outside the robbery.

But let's go back to "Che tempo che fa". I must say it was a wonderful experience. With fantastic workmates, I have one of the dearest memories. From the director to the authors, first of all the legendary Marco Posani with Piero Galeotti and the great Michele Serra, always careful not to offend anyone. As it should be. The first edition was co-led by Ilary Blasi very young (we are in 2003). Then came Filippa, twenty editions for her. Serra wanted to send her away but Galeotti and I insisted and Serra was convinced. Also because Filippa had devoted herself to the Palestinian cause. Of which we are all convinced. The least convinced is Fazio himself. Indeed no, he is the most convinced. I have never seen someone so convinced in advancing such a noble cause. As for Luciana Littizzetto, let's say that she has nothing to do with it as a comedian. The texts were written by Serra (and the poverty of the communist contents treated can be seen). No! Luciana, on the other hand, is a good cabaret artist unfortunately conditioned by the environment, which makes her play the "tavern woman". Sitting on the table, bare legs, she talks drunk; yes, the typical woman found in the taverns of Eastern Europe, but also in the province of Teramo.

A memory of love for Graziamaria Dragani: she contributed to the economic success of dozens of unknown authors. It was she who chose the book to be presented on the show, she received flattery from all the editorial press offices in the world. He never gave in. Keep in mind that for some editions, going to Fazio and presenting the book meant selling one hundred thousand copies. The proof: the booksellers inquired beforehand who the guest writer was because on Monday morning people came to ask for the book they had seen at Fazio's the night before. The booksellers were already preparing piles of them at the entrance. And this fortune (of the writers) was due to dthe Graziamaria Dragani which he chose without conditioning. At least one thank you note, now that you know it, you can send it to gent. Graziamaria Dragani, via Adamello 21/c, Peschiera del Garda (Verona or Brescia, I don't remember exactly the province, however it arrives).

The disparaging article is almost finished, actually we're halfway there. "Che tempo che fa" has always been like Gramellini's "Le parole", an all too complete and beautiful programme. Greta, climate, rights for us pederasts, cloned children in gypsy camps where the fact does not exist, but people believe it if you say it on TV. The latest editions then… which bounced between Rai 1 and Rai 2 to return to Telecommunism. But can a virologist sign an exclusive? In practice Burioni could only go to Fazio to instruct behavior in times of pandemic. You could see the various Gauls, Bassettis and tour company on every channel, rightly so. And without compensation. No, Burioni, the number 1 of Italian virologists only went to Fazio, having signed an exclusive like Littizzetto. It goes without saying that Fazio and Littizzetto have the same agent. And they do well. I don't think Burioni has Beppe Caschetto, but he should: he would earn much more. And he might as well go to “Beijing Express”. Without being forced, only if he wants. There in the Cambodia area there are viruses never seen before. Let's hope they don't get to Codogno. But I don't think so, if they come they choose Dublin, because of the mild climate.

PS I spoke to the great Hector Andenna, by far the best Italian television host. He says to me: "Is it ever possible that on RaiPlay you can't find the editions of 'Giochi senza frontiere'?" (cult summer program that watched all of Europe, and which Ettore conducted... I might add). I answer him: "Dear friend, you are not a communist and in the Teche Rai they only bring out their own".

  • Maurice Milani

  • Born in Milan on May 20, 1961. Real name: Carlo Barcellesi. Graduated from eighth grade at Camera del Lavoro of Milan in 1985, evening course with limited number. After the military he works as a kitchen boy in a hotel. In 1987 he finished last in "Riso in Italy", an important competition in Rome for young people. He appeals and wins. He has an eviction but does not recognize the sentence. He has been collaborating with Il Foglio since 1986 thanks to the director Giuliano Ferrara. He is engaged to Monica.

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