Anastasio, «My email? I could have used this phrase from Obama, it's similar»-

Anastasio, «My email?  I could have used this phrase from Obama, it's similar»-

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The former president of 3-I, who resigned after the message in which he paraphrased Mussolini: Would a Martian have thought those words were Shakespeare's I fascist? No, absolutely not. I helped Romano Mussolini for his concerts

Claudio Anastasio, let's start from the beginning. Why that message in which he paraphrased a speech by Benito Mussolini?

I came from a week of hard work to unblock a stalemate. I wanted to provoke, to convey a sense of appeal to national values, to love for this country.

Agree. But why Mussolini?

It was my grave mistake, in my head I isolated those words from their historical context. Unforgivable. I could have quoted similar words, which would have had the same effect, from Obama's inauguration speech.

The former president of the United States?

Him. If he waits for me a moment, I'll recover them. They are in an unpublished book

Here they are: “The time has come to reaffirm the moment to reaffirm our tenacious spirit, to choose our best spirit...”, he continues. He feels it, the lash effect the same.

He says? But that was the inauguration of the president of the United States. In his email there is the speech with which Mussolini assumed political responsibility for the Matteotti murder, the beginning of the dictatorship. Not exactly the same, right?

In fact I was wrong, I decontextualized. And I assumed my responsibilities. But a Martian, reading those words without knowing the context, might think they were written by Shakespeare.

But he didn't send that email to a Martian, he sent it to the members of his board. And then the context, that context, counts for him.

I got carried away, I had so many quotes in my head. I know he doesn't believe me but I also had one in mind from Matteotti, when he says "I ask to speak not prudently or imprudently but parliamentarily". Beautiful.

Well, that would have been better.

For sure. The ability to quote speeches from the past, paraphrasing words that remind us of our sense of state, is of great value, imagining a world where everything is part of the world.

Yes, sure. But still clear that I have annoyed someone.

Don't you mean it was a conspiracy?

I'm not a conspiracy theorist but it is clear that there is a line against this government, a will to sabotage against the government and against the Pnrr.

I write that email on March 8 to unblock things. And I get at least one result because the next day 3-I finally has an Inail position, which incredibly it didn't have before. But then there is the question of the one billion euro INPS tender for assistance and maintenance of the software in which we had asked to be part of the technical commission. I won't add anything else.

Has Palazzo Chigi called you to ask you to resign?

No. That morning at 9.58 I entered the 3-I headquarters and immediately, without anyone asking me, I wrote my letter of resignation.

No, absolutely not.

Politically of Brothers of Italy?

I recognize myself in that party, yes.

In what sense was he a collaborator of Romano Mussolini?

I was a boy, I helped him travel to his concerts. But in Romano's house there was no reference to fascism. There was only beauty, music and paintings.

Who was enito Mussolini instead?

An absolute evil. That period was an absolute bad thing

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