All the bonuses that exist in Italy: a shrewd and non-ideological catalogue

All the bonuses that exist in Italy: a shrewd and non-ideological catalogue

Benefits, incentives, deductions, support, income, assistance. But how many Italian bonuses are there? What are they for? How do they work? Who can have them? How much do they cost? And when do they work? Investigation of a country that is growing thanks to crazy bonuses

From sun blinds to pets, from glasses to electric scooters, from birth rates to bills, there are about forty of them spread like butter on the baguette. No, Italy is not the country of persimmons as Elio and le Storie Tese sang, much less the country of prickly pears. Nor is it the great proletarian represented by the champions of populism or the isolated and neglected nation, an image so dear to sovereignists. No, Italy is today more than ever the country of bonusess. For orientation we have separated them and collected them in a box, but some bushes may have escaped us. At the time of their greatest diffusion, i.e. in the two-year period of the pandemic, one out of two Italian families received at least one bonus. The Meloni government started with the idea of ​​deforesting the jungle, targeting the two most important, most expensive and most politically and culturally alien measures to the new tenants of the Palazzo: the Citizenship Income and the Superbonus 110 per cent, the result of Five stars even if voted by Matteo Salvini. But others have come like the bonus for having more children, or the tax discount for companies that hire young people. Are they really needed?

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