Agreement between Vodafone and Fs, mobile network data for the study of mobility

Agreement between Vodafone and Fs, mobile network data for the study of mobility

The mobile network data used to understand the movements of Italians and therefore the evolution and needs (also in terms of investments) in the transport sector.

The joint work of the Ferrovie dello Stato Group and Vodafone Business fits into this framework, which has made it possible to analyze mobility in Italy, through the Geospatial data intelligence FS platform that uses Vodafone Analytics technology. With the latter, data from the mobile network is collected in real time – non-personal and anonymised, in compliance with privacy legislation – guaranteeing very precise temporal and spatial information.

Every day on the road 35 million

And so, for example, it turns out that in 2022 there were over 35 million people moving around Italy on working days every day (and almost 34 million on holidays). Each traveler made an average of two and a half trips a day for about 47 kilometers on weekdays and over 50 on holidays. As? 95.4% of journeys are made by road and only 4.3% by train (0.3% by plane).

Rome Termini the most crowded

To explore this single aspect, the joint Fs-Vodafone work focused on the main stations - Roma Termini, Milano Centrale and Napoli Centrale - noting that, in the month of April alone, 8.9 million people passed through the Roma Termini station (with an average residence time of 31 minutes), in Milano Centrale 7.3 million (26 minutes) and in Napoli Centrale 5.5 million (28 minutes).

The possible cross-sections are the most varied. For example: the difference between visitors and passengers. In the first case, they range from 1.9 million a day in Rome Termini to 900 thousand in Milan and 400 thousand in Naples. The highest percentage of commuters is then found in Naples (46%), followed by Rome (43%) and finally Milan (36%)

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