against Vox an unprecedented campaign. With the Meloni model, the center-right wins -

against Vox an unprecedented campaign.  With the Meloni model, the center-right wins -

Of Maria Theresa Meli

FdI MEP: unjustified enthusiasm on the left. Sanchez had a majority he no longer has

Carlo Fidanza, head of delegation of the Brothers of Italy in the European Parliament, what he thinks of the downward trend of Vox.

“No downward spiral. Vox at the Administrative elections at the end of May tripled its local representatives and now governs in various regions. Yesterday it was confirmed as the third party with three million votes, 600,000 less than four years ago when the Popolari were overwhelmed by scandals. After weeks of far lower polls and unprecedented demonization, they have worked a miracle.

But no exploits, indeed.

"With the Spanish electoral system, the campaign for the useful vote conducted by the Popolari has damaged Vox but also the PP itself, which lacked decisive seats for an alternative majority to Sanchez".

On the left there are those who say that Meloni's European project has failed.

“Unjustified enthusiasm. Sanchez had a majority that he no longer has, the only way he has to stay in the saddle is to make a nefarious pact with the Catalan separatists. Otherwise we go back to voting in December. And in any case, the PSOE was the first party and is now the second. So no triumph left».

This vote was also the testing ground for a possible popular-right axis in Europe. It went bad...

«In reality, if we project Sunday evening's results onto the 2024 European Championships, we see growth in the centre-right. The Popular Party increases its votes by more than a third and Vox even doubles compared to the previous European elections».

The fact is that in Spain that alliance foundered.

«Two blocks faced each other: the Psoe with Sumar on one side, and the Popolari with Vox on the other. But while Sanchez reasoned in terms of coalition without trying to take away votes from Sumar, the People's Party did not do the same with Vox. Indeed, the left's smear campaign against Vox has unfortunately also found support in the media close to the PP. What happened in Spain confirms that our model is successful. When in the centre-right there is division and one thinks that the opponent is in one's own political area, one loses or does not win enough. If you adopt the Meloni model and compete by remaining united, the numbers are there and you win».

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July 25, 2023 (change July 25, 2023 | 07:58)

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