A time traveler at the 2008 Olympics, conspiracy theorists take it out on Giochi- Corriere.it

A time traveler at the 2008 Olympics, conspiracy theorists take it out on Giochi- Corriere.it

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A Tik Tok user became convinced that among the participants in the Beijing Games there was a mysterious man from the future. And he published the alleged proof

In the TV series Fringe of the mysteries Observers they are sent back in time to analyze human history live (and eventually end up altering it). This is practically the assumption, previously present in numerous science fiction novels and films, from which one of the most curious currents of the so-called conspiracy theories starts, which we could summarize as that current of thought which supports the thesis that they (the power , government, scientists etc...) they are not telling us everything they know. Obviously this way of thinking has found ample space on social media especially with the spread of populism.

So much so that, more or less recently, it is also finding space in sport. Thus the photographic report put online by a user of Tik Tok aimed at confirming the thesis that a time traveler was present at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. This time, however, instead of starting as the Observers in the Fringe from 2609, he would have arrived from decidedly closer (future) times.

Proof? An alleged headset AirPods in the ear of a figure during the opening ceremony, an object that will be put on the market only in 2016. If we want to believe in the authenticity of the image, there are obviously many possible explanations without bothering the time travel (they are not Airpods but a similar product , there is a cable that connects the earphone but you can't see it etc.. etc...), however the potential conspiracy theorists and weren't so impressed by the images that they went viral. After all, as they say, when a story is too good, why ruin it with the truth?

May 24, 2023 (change May 24, 2023 | 1:14 pm)

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