A new compass for the Third Pole. Ideas in view of the European 2024

A new compass for the Third Pole.  Ideas in view of the European 2024

The confrontation, the scuffles, the character of the leaders explained with Plutarch's Parallel Lives. The errors of the 2022 electoral campaign: from rifts to contradictory messages. And the possible battles from here on out

Third pole, we talk about you in these notes. Written with an observer's spirit, avoiding any confidential information that the writer derives from being at the same time among the four founders of the European Liberal Democrats, who held a national assembly in Bologna a week ago, launching an explicit appeal to all forces of liberal democratic inspiration and reformer present in Parliament – ​​i.e. Action, Italy alive and + Europe – aimed at converging and working together in view of the European elections in spring 2024. Under the common symbol of Renew Europe, given that the Liberal Democrat group in the European Parliament is the common landing place for those who today appear very divided. The observations in these notes are organized as follows: a literary premise, on the analysis of characters; a summary of the political differences that have arisen; one of what objectively, for those who professionally deal with electoral campaigns, can be defined as a list of errors; consequently, considerations on the strengths and weaknesses to focus on and overcome, if one aims at an initial affirmation at the European elections in view of the policies to come; finally, probabilistic conclusions by rolling the dice, given that the writer, among his many shortcomings, is not versed in the art of manticism.

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