A for young rent, V for green. Italian bonus alphabet

A for young rent, V for green.  Italian bonus alphabet

From aid for high rents to incentives for fixtures and weddings, passing through the Superbonus. List of measures introduced in Italy in the last three years by various governments

We publish below a list of all the bonuses introduced by the various governments in the last three years. In strict alphabetical order.

YOUTH RENTAL – Reduction of 20 percent of annual expenses up to two thousand euros for people between 20 and 31 who go to live alone, with an apartment (or part of it) rented as their main residence, other than that of their parents.
PETS – 19 percent relief for medical care. The maximum limit is 550 euros, but there is a deductible of 129.11 euros. The credit can be used to reduce the taxes to be paid.
ELEVATORS – 75 percent deduction on expenses for the removal of architectural barriers in homes using lifts or freight elevators or for the disposal of existing systems. The credit can be used in 5 installments, to reduce taxes.
YOUNG HIRINGS – The Meloni government has launched a contribution valid for 12 months for the employer who hires workers under the age of 30 on a permanent basis.
CAR – Eco-incentives for electric or hybrid cars, by scrapping a more polluting car. Up to 5,000 euros for electric cars; up to 4,000 euros for plug-in hybrids.
ATM – Facilitation for professionals and traders, up to 480 euros. Tax credit for the purchase, rental and use of the Pos. It had to be requested by June 30, 2022.
GAS – Reduction of excise duties on fuel, equal to 25 cents per liter and the introduction of tax-free fuel vouchers of up to 200 euros (vouchers that companies can distribute to employees who travel for work).
BILLS - For the second quarter of 2023, the subsidies on electricity supply tariffs, intended for economically disadvantaged domestic customers, are redetermined by the Arera. Customers other than those who are holders of the social bonus will be entitled to a contribution, paid in a fixed amount and differentiated according to the climatic zones, with reference to the months of October, November and December 2023 in which the average daily price of natural gas on the wholesale market exceeds the threshold of 45 euro/MWh.
WATER HEATER – Deduction for the replacement of a home heating system. Concessions: 110 percent if the boiler is replaced at the same time as a major restructuring intervention; 65 per cent by changing the plant to a class A or higher efficiency one; 50 per cent for a class A boiler, without valves.
CONDITIONERS – For those who buy or replace a new heat pump air conditioner, obtaining an "energy efficiency" at home: deduction of 50 percent or 65 percent on the expense. The credit can be used to reduce the taxes to be paid. Alternatively, it is possible to take advantage of the discount on the invoice.
CULTURE – 500 euros for 18-year-old students by registering on the 18App platform, for those who meet the required requirements. It is nominative, it can be used in participating stores and on Amazon.
TEACHERS – From September 2022, a €500 bonus on the teacher's card to purchase books, magazines, courses, theater and cinema tickets, museums, cultural events, etc.
UNEMPLOYED WOMEN – Contribution relief of up to €6,000 for employers who hire female workers who have been unemployed for at least 12 months. The duration of the benefit varies from 12 months for fixed-term contracts to 18 months for permanent contracts.
TWO HUNDRED EUROS – One-off launched with the Aid 2022 decree to stem inflation, intended for pensioners, self-employed workers.
HOME APPLIANCES – For the purchase of refrigerators, freezers, ovens and more, to furnish the house undergoing renovation. 50 percent discount up to 10,000 euros.
FACADES – For the redevelopment of houses. The 2022 Budget Law renewed the incentive but with a lower percentage: it is now 60 percent of the costs for the works.
EXHIBITIONS – Operators in the congress, fair, various events and spa sectors can use job vouchers up to 15,000 euros.
CHILDREN AND FAMILY – From 1 January, the single allowance for families with children under the age of one has increased by 50 per cent. This increase is also foreseen for those who have three or more children aged between one and three years. Families with children up to the age of 21 can request a single allowance from INPS. The amount from 175 to 50 euros per month is inversely proportional to the family ISEE. The government plans a deduction of 10,000 euros a year for each dependent child (now 950 euros under the age of 21) up to the end of their studies, including university studies, for all households with no income limits. The slogan is no taxes for those who have children.
WATER – Up to a thousand euros for the renovation of bathrooms, in particular for the replacement of sanitary fixtures and taps, provided that it involves a reduction in the flow of water used.
FIXTURES – Tax deduction of 50 percent, up to a maximum of 60,000 euros. The facilitation can be used to reduce the taxes to be paid or through a discount on the invoice by the company that carries out the intervention.
INTERNET – Voucher for digitization aimed at businesses and VAT numbers. Up to 2,500 euros for those who subscribe to fast internet subscriptions.
MARRIAGE – For companies that organize weddings and have recorded losses.
MOBILE – Irpef deduction of 50 per cent for the purchase of furniture intended for homes undergoing renovation. Maximum expenditure ceiling dropped from 16,000 to 10,000 euros.
NEST – Allows families with low incomes to cover part of the tuition payment. The incentive does not form part of the new single allowance for children.
EYEGLASSES - The bonus can be requested until 31 December 2023, it will be paid in the form of a one-off voucher. Since the fund serves to cover purchases made between 1 January 2021 and 31 December 2023, it will be possible to request a refund of 50 euros for purchases already made.
DRIVING LICENSE – Contribution of 50 percent, up to 1,000 euros, on the costs of obtaining a driving licence. For young people up to 35 years of age, recipients of basic income or unemployment. Recognized until June 30, 2022.
FIRST HOME UNDER 36 – For young people who bought a first home by 30 June 2022: exemption from land registry tax and recognition of a tax credit for an amount equal to the VAT paid.
PSYCHOLOGICAL- Up to 600 euros for a psychologist to treat the discomforts, certified by a doctor, caused by the consequences of the pandemic. It is up to no age limit if with Isee up to 50,000 euros. Increasing amount as income decreases.
FOOD INCOME - The Fund for the experimentation of food income is born, with a budget of 1.5 million euros for the current year and 2 million euros per year starting from 2024.
BASIC INCOME - From 1 September 2023, the income and the citizen's pension will go to the attic and will be replaced by Mia (Measure for active inclusion). The new subsidy restricts the benefit for the over 67s who are currently recipients of the citizen's pension and for families with children entitled to the single allowance. The audiences of those entitled are also reduced with the Isee threshold from the current 9,360 euros to 7,200 euros. From next January 1, the Inclusion Allowance will be introduced for those who are unable to work. For those in economic difficulty but employable, the Activation Tool will arrive.
EXPENSE SAVINGS - A fund with an endowment of 500 million euros for the year 2023 is set up by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forests for the purchase of basic foodstuffs by subjects in possession of a Isee not exceeding 15 thousand euros.
RENOVATION – Deductions for interventions that do not fall within the Superbonus. Percentage of 75 percent.
ELECTRIC SCOOTER – Contribution of 40 percent up to 4,000 euros with scrapping. Of 30 percent, up to 3,000 euros, without scrapping. It must be requested from the dealership and is due to the buyer as a discount on the purchase price.
SISMABONUS – For the purchase of properties in seismic risk areas, for the adjustment works. It entitles you to receive the 110 percent Superbonus. Requirements: the deed of purchase of the property had to be signed by 30 June 2022; the expenditure limit for the interventions is 96,000 euros.
SOCIAL – For families with low Isee there is a discount applied directly to the electricity and gas bill. It is received automatically, but only for families with an updated Isee. The reduction is also applied in households with a subject in serious health conditions who need medical equipment or with Citizenship Income.
SOUTH – Until 30 June 2022 it was the relief of 30 percent of contributions for permanent hiring in Southern Italy.
SUPERBONUS 110 – Extended for the whole of 2022, for each type of home. There are no Isee limits for works involving single-family houses. For condominiums, the extension was until 2023. The super bonus is extended for another two years, but with decreasing rates: 110 percent for expenses incurred up to December 31, 2023; 70 percent for expenses incurred up to 31 December 2024; 65 percent for expenses incurred up to December 31, 2025.
AWNINGS – Deduction of 50 percent up to 60,000 euros on the purchase price and installation of internal or external solar shading. Also valid for mosquito nets.
PUBLIC TRANSPORT – Up to 60 euros for students and workers who travel using public transport. We need an income of less than €35,000 in 2021.
TV – For the purchase of televisions or decoders. Discount applied by the supplier on the purchase price.
GREEN – Equal to 36 per cent of the expenses for the arrangement of the greenery of the house. Bonus usable until 2024. The spending limit is 5,000 euros for interventions on terraces, gardens, balconies, planters, fences and more.

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