«A 10 billion euro growth plan in 5 years»- Corriere.it

«A 10 billion euro growth plan in 5 years»- Corriere.it

A world leader with 7.4 billion in turnover in infrastructure, sustainable and integrated mobility. With an industrial plan which, between airports, motorway concessions between Spain, France, Argentina, Brazil (Abertis) and Chile (Grupo Costanera), the payment systems of Telepass and the smart city technology of Yunex Traffic, aims at 10- 11 billion investments in five years.

The first public occasion

the first public occasion for Benetton after two years of intense work. Mundys is an international company with global ambitions. Discontinuity and the future have always been points of reference in my work, they are never more appropriate today – said Benetton -, the Italians are a people of widespread entrepreneurship, we know how to imagine something different. We must never be too shy. In the past, Atlantia made the mistake of giving too many powers to Autostrade's top management. The tragedy of the Morandi Bridge will forever weigh on our family's surname. Now, the discontinuity is to imagine that the group of people who will work on this project today will have in mind that everyone has their own role. Alongside him, the managers and partners. The name of the future Mundys CEO is missing. It is almost there – he said – by March.

A new journey

It was a new industrial journey but also a financial one because it passed through a takeover bid for a total value of 50 billion which changed - with another revolution signed by Alessandro - the structure. The family, with Edizione, has 57.8%, Fondazione Crt around 5% and Blackstone 37%. The fund, which has invested for the long term, has undertaken to contribute additional capital together with Edizione in the event of further acquisitions, said Andrea Valeri, at the helm of the fund in Italy, on stage with Alessandro. He opened Giampiero Massolo, president of Mundys: With us is Enrico Laghi, CEO of Edizione, the Crt, the CEOs of the subsidiaries, for the first time all together. Blackstone made this possible. Among these, the CEO of Abertis, Jos Aljaro: We will seek growth abroad with Mundys to compensate for expiring concessions. The United Dynasty. Together with cousins ​​and family – Benetton pulls the strings – we are not facing this future alone but with partners, with us around an integrated platform.

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