500 million investment and 2,700 jobs - Corriere.it

500 million investment and 2,700 jobs - Corriere.it

A new production pole, which is also a center of development and innovation. In Trieste, the new A Better Tomorrow Innovation Hub was inaugurated in recent days global center of production and innovation of BAT Italy dedicated to the new categories of potentially low-risk productscreated at the FREEste site in Bagnoli della Rosandra, near Trieste, in the Municipality of San Dorligo della Valle.

The Italy of doing and the words of Minister Urso

an important day for Trieste, which is a production, logistics and innovation hub, by now central to the Italian and I would even say European economy. An important day for the Italy of doing, this is how Adolfo Urso, Minister for Enterprise and Made in Italy, greeted the opening of the new Trieste centre. Finally we are returning to production - he added - with foreign investments that increasingly arrive in our country, because Italy has become the ideal place in which to invest.

Investment of 500 million euros, 2,700 jobs created

The industrial project, worth 500 million euros over five years, will have positive employment effects, estimated in 2,700 direct and indirect jobs. To date, almost 100 people have been hired, out of a total expected of 600: with an expected increase of about 100 new employees per year for the next five years. The production departments will be able to accommodate a total of up to 12 production lines: to date, three production lines are dedicated to Modern Oral Velo and one to Nicotine Replacement Therapy.

Renewable energy and production lines

A production and innovation center that uses 100% energy from renewable sources thanks to a photovoltaic system of 1,200 MWh of electricity per year, equivalent to the annual energy consumption of 240 single-family houses to which is added a PFSC certified biomass plant, sourced from sustainable forests, capable of producing over 1,900 MWh of thermal energy. The site, a few hundred meters from the Wartsila Italia headquarters, covers an area of ​​11,440 square meters, divided into three production areas of 1800 square meters each, 3,600 square meters including laboratories, production offices, technical rooms, offices administration, canteen and meeting rooms, 1,800 square meters for the One Day Storage, i.e. the warehouse for raw materials and nearby finished products. To these are added approximately 600 square meters for utilities and finally the parking spaces.

The digital boutique, accelerator of digital transformation

The Innovation Hub also hosts the BAT digital boutique, the company's digital transformation accelerator: an innovation laboratory, the first in Europe, available to all BAT offices worldwide for innovative projects in three areas: ESGdedicated to improving performance in the field of sustainability; Marketingfor the development of solutions to serve the relationship with consumers, e Future of Work, an area focused on finding more agile and smart ways of working for employees. There are two souls of the boutique: the Growth Hub for Americas & Europe, a center of excellence dedicated to the digital transformation of the company's activities, and the Innovation Lab, focused on projects dedicated to open innovation through external collaborations and partnerships.
The inauguration of the Bat Innovation Hub - said the president of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region Massimiliano Fedriga during the inauguration - is not an important event only for Friuli Venezia Giulia, but of national and even international rank and we must be proud of it

The new Bat plant in Trieste (Ansa)
The new Bat plant in Trieste (Ansa)

he inauguration fills us with pride, because it represents an important milestone for the company, but also an opportunity for growth and development for the Trieste area and community. The Innovation Hub was created in one year and nine months from the announcement, starting from a lawn and a project on paper, in an extremely short time. This result was made possible by the ability to network and develop synergies between the public and private sectors: primarily with the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, the infrastructure company Interporto Trieste SpA and the Port System Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea - Ports of Trieste and Monfalcone. The path that brought us here today was also made possible thanks to the collaboration of many companies in the area. A path that we also want to implement in the future to continue building a better tomorrow for the whole community, commented Andrea Di Paolo, Vice President of BAT Trieste.

The completion of the 'A Better Tomorrow Innovation Hub' marks a milestone in BAT's global strategy for innovation and sustainability. The new production hub is in fact dedicated to products with a reduced potential risk, which make BAT the first company in the sector to distribute the complete range of these new categories in Italy. The creation of our new global production and innovation center also represents a concrete contribution to the country's employment and economic growth. Suffice it to say that beyond the estimated 2,700 new jobs and investments of up to 500 million euros for the new site, to the construction of which 88 Italian companies contributed with orders for more than 35 million euros, over the last ten years BAT Italy has invested over 300 million euros for the purchase of high quality Italian tobacco, supporting around 400 companies in the agricultural supply chain of BAT Italia, which has over 6,000 employees, are the words of Fabio de Petris, managing director of BAT Italia.

The new BAT Italia plant in San Dorligo della Valle (Ansa)
The new BAT Italia plant in San Dorligo della Valle (Ansa)

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