Zazzeri's silver in the 4x100 with Miressi, Frigo and Ceccon after anaphylactic shock and heart problem -

Zazzeri's silver in the 4x100 with Miressi, Frigo and Ceccon after anaphylactic shock and heart problem -

Of Arianna Ravelli, sent to Fukuoka

Silver Italy in Fukuoka in the 4x100m freestyle relay behind Australia. Lorenzo Zazzeri was stopped for five months: I was scared, they didn't understand what I had

There are records that fall (Ariarne Titmus, who crushes the 400m freestyle, 3'55''38, the first woman to fall below 3'56'', the Frenchman Leon Marchand who in the 400m medley takes away the last remaining record from Michael Phelps, 4'02''50, the 4x100m freestyle of the Australian girls who pulverizes herself), there is Phelps himself by the pool with a samura pigtail i who pretends to be happy, there is the electric atmosphere of Marine Mass of Fukuoka. And here we are, at ease in the midst of monsters, because at the banquet of the Cannibals there is now a fixed place booked for Italy.

The jet blue men, Alexander Miressi from Turin, Manuel Frigo from Citadel, Lorenzo Zazzeri from Florence and
Thomas Cecon from Thiene, our gentleman of versatility, in the tub after having put it in your pocket the final of the 50 butterfly and being back with a fighting mustache (I went into race mode, shaved, and trimmed my beard) lead this 4x100 to a silver that smacks of confirmation, after the bronze at the World Championships a year ago, the European gold and the silver in Tokyo.

The blues shuffle the cards, Ceccon enters in place of Deplano who had swum the heat, and became the last fractionist: Miressi started very well with time (47''54) who had never swum this year (Happy to be back at my levels) and left the baton in first place, kept Frigo in front (47''79), brought the Australians Zazzeri a little closer (48''13) so Ceccon found himself head to head with the monster Kyle Chalmers which prints an amazing 46''56, to which Thomas replies with his own personal, 47''03, but that's not enough. I could see Chalmers in the water, but I was tired and he was too strong. Gold fades in the last 15 meters for 33 cents, but it's hard to regret it too much: 3'10''49, ahead of the United States without Dressel, which are bronze. It ends with the blessing of Phelps (He told us "great competition", shaking hands, we didn't have a phone to take a selfie, but we didn't wash our hands for a while) and a group that boasts a mature strength, consolidated by the sessions in the room of the expert artist Zazzeri to learn how to draw (among the students, Frigo won who made my portrait while I was at the massage), capable of managing the performance of a transitory year like the pre-Olympic: Many did not trust us, but I knew that on stage scenic that counts we would have been excited, continues Zazzeri who was evidently more optimistic than his own teammate Ceccon.

What happened to Lorenzo Zazzeri

It will be that Lorenzo had a particular motivation

: for him this is not the year before the Paris Games, for him the year of rebirth, after a nasty and still mysterious accident that stopped him for five months, during which he wasn't even sure he'd be able to compete again. And that's why I enjoyed everything today, the environment, the adrenaline, the final. It means a lot, a silver that smells like gold. It all begins with an anaphylactic shock due to something he ate (I'm thinking of Sardinian honey, but I'm not sure). Hospitalization, tests, a blood value busted, fear. That value was synonymous with a heart wound, but then the instrumental tests gave negative results. It is not known if it was myocarditis due to Covid, if the anaphylactic shock had stressed the heart, or if it was pre-existing. Those were days of fear, they forced me to rest, not only I couldn't swim, I couldn't run, do weights, nothing. I lost stamina, muscle tone. On January 19th I finally got back in the water, but I couldn't do anything until March. Then the crescendo began. Which led to this silver and a new picture that will draw itself: This success will paint him as something gloomy, but with a glimmer of light and an eye to the future, to next year which is the most important of all. Vernissage Paris.

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