World Swimming Championships in Fukuoka, the program for Thursday 20 July -

World Swimming Championships in Fukuoka, the program for Thursday 20 July -

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The Italians in the race: during the night the 6 km cross-country relay, with Acerenza, Paltrinieri, Bruni and Taddeucci. Then in artistic swimming Lucrezia Ruggiero and Linda Cerruti are looking for another medal

still the day of the cross-country skiers who close their efforts with the relay (at 1 Italian time). In the water, the de facto couple Mimmo Acerenza & Gregorio Paltrinieri (bronze and silver in the 5 km), together with Rachele Bruni and Ginevra Taddeucci. At 3.30 Setterosa faces Greece for the challenge that is worth the head of the group and direct qualification for the quarterfinals, while another medal opportunity for Linda Cerruti and Lucrezia Ruggiero, already silver in the technical duo (as well as with the team always in the technical), who try again in the free duo. Finally in the final dives from the 3 meter springboard for Lorenzo Marsaglia and Giovanni Tocci.

Bottom swimming

Mixed team relay 4x1.5 km (Domenico Acerenza, Rachele Bruni, Gregorio Paltrinieri and Ginevra Taddeucci)

Water polo

2 hours Argentina-South Africa (Women's Group C)
3.30 Greece-Italy (Women's Group C)
5 am New Zealand-Hungary (Women's Group D)
6.30 China-Australia (Women's Group D)
9 am France-USA (Women's Group A)
10.30 Spain-Kazakhstan (Women's Group A)
12.00 Canada-Japan (Women's Group B)
13.30 Israel-Netherlands (Women's Group B)


2-5.15 am
Women's 3 m springboard preliminary (Elena Bertocchi and Chiara Pellacani)
Women's 3 m springboard semifinal: (ev. Elena Bertocchi and Chiara Pellacani)
Men's 3 m springboard final: (Lorenzo Marsaglia and Giovanni Tocci)

Artistic swimming

3-5 hours
Team Free Preliminary: (Linda Cerruti, Marta Iacoacci, Sofia Mastroianni, Enrica Piccoli, Lucrezia Ruggiero, Isotta Sportelli, Giulia Paint and Francesca Zunino)
Free duo final: (Linda Cerruti and Lucrezia Ruggiero)

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