Women's World Cup, Fifa reveals how much female players will earn - Football

Women's World Cup, Fifa reveals how much female players will earn - Football

Promise kept. A step forward towards gender equality in football. In view of the Women's World Cup scheduled in Australia and New Zealand from July 20 to August 20, the Fifa set the cash prizes to be awarded to the players of the 32 participating national teams. This is an unprecedented figure: more than half of the prize pool from 110 million dollars in fact, it will be intended for the players, each of whom will be entitled to at least 30 thousand dollars.

The decision of the Fifa fulfills the prize money promise made last March: "We are making a huge investment in women's football and, for the first time ever, we are guaranteeing prize money for players." There is still a long way to go to close the gender pay gap, but world football's number one, Gianni Infantinohas set the goal of equal prize money for men and women for its upcoming world competitions in 2026 and 2027, respectively.

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Prizes tripled compared to the 2019 Women's World Cup

In 2019 the first golden ball in the history of women's football, the Norwegian Ada Hegerbergchose not to participate in the World Cup in France in protest against the wage inequality between male and female footballers. He then went around the world the choice of the American Megan Rapinoetwo-time world champion, not to sing the anthem in the match against Thailand, openly siding against the ideas on gender equality of the then US president Donald Trump, who didn't take it well: “I don't think his is an appropriate gesture. She must be proud of the flag she wears”.

Four years later, something has changed. The figure of 110 million dollars it is in fact more than triple the prize money – 30 million – paid by Fifa during the last World Cup.

Linda Guardant: "I love Lisa and challenge prejudices, football still discriminates against women"

by Dominic Marchese

How the women's World Cup prize pool is divided up

The novelty consists in reserving part of the prize pool for the compensation of each player, rather than letting the participating federations use the endowment - at least 1.56 million dollars to each of the national teams - at their discretion. Players eliminated during the group stage will receive $30,000, rising to 60,000 for girls accessing the round of 16, 90,000 for the quarters, 165,000 for those who stop in semifinal. The prize for the third place and of 180 thousand dollarsWhile, for the the final, the winners receive 270 thousand dollars each, 195 thousand the runners-up.

The 16 nations who exit the group stage will then receive a total of 2.25 million of dollars from Fifawhich will reward with 10.5 million there winning nation of the title. Most of this, $6.21 million, will be distributed among the players, while the remaining $4.29 million will go to the federation. In addition to the "performance-based fund" (US$110 million) for participating nations, the International Federation will distribute $30.7 million for tournament preparation e 11.5 million for the clubs that will release their athletes called up by the national teams. For a total of 152 million, more than three times (50 million) the previous world cup and ten times what was allocated in 2015 in Canada.

Linda Guardant: "I love Lisa and challenge prejudices, football still discriminates against women"

by Dominic Marchese

Comparison with the 2022 Men's World Cup

The prize money of the richest World Cup ever, last December in Qatar, was 440 million dollars, a budget increased by 20% compared to the 2018 World Cup in Russia and almost four times that foreseen for the female counterpart. L'Argentina captained by Messias tournament winnergrossed approx 43 million. For the national teams that stopped at groupshowever, the prize was 10.5 millionnearly five times that awarded to women's teams for the same occurrence.

The other difference concerns the distribution of individual prizes. In the case of the men's national teams, the millions were not necessarily divided equally among all 26 players. The choice on the distribution was up to the respective federations.

Gianni Infantino: "The right reward for the efforts of female players"

"Thanks to this unprecedented new distribution model, every single player in the Women's World Cup 2023 can now count on full remuneration for his efforts throughout the tournament,” explained the FIFA president, Gianni Infantino. "The captain who ultimately lifts the trophy on August 20 in Sydney will receive $270,000, as will each of her 22 teammates."

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by Emanuela Audisio

"The global salary of professional soccer players is approximately $14,000 annually, so the amounts awarded under this unprecedented new distribution model will have a real and significant impact on the lives and careers of these players." "In addition, all affiliated associations will receive record financial distribution based on their performance, which they can use to reinvest in football in their countries and which we believe will help push the women's game further," concluded the world's number one. News welcomed by FifPro players unionwho in March had challenged the Fifa to guarantee the "global guarantee" that 30% of the prize money was destined for the female players.

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