Who is Vanessa Kerry, WHO’s first envoy for climate and health?

Who is Vanessa Kerry, WHO's first envoy for climate and health?


The World Health Organization has appointed the first special envoy on climate change and health. AND Vanessa Kerrya physician at Massachusetts General Hospital (with degrees from Yale University and Harvard Medical School) and CEO of Seed Global Health, a non-profit organization of which she is also a founder active in the training of health personnel for social welfare, growth economy, social equity.

Through partnerships with governments and national academic institutions, under Vanessa Kerry’s tenure, Seed has helped train nearly 40,000 doctors, nurses and midwives, positively impacting hundreds of thousands of lives. Providing not only better patient care, but also educating future generations and supporting the health sector strongly affected by climate change. WHO leaders are convinced that Kerry, “will play a key role in amplifying WHO messages on climate and health”.


Johan Rockström: “Close to catastrophe but we can still save ourselves”

by Johan Rockstrom

“We are delighted that Dr Vanessa Kerry is joining WHO as our Special Envoy on Climate Change and Health,” said the WHO Director-General. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus – Her extensive experience and dedication to public health make her an invaluable resource in addressing the health consequences of climate change. Together, we will work towards a more sustainable and resilient future for all.”


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