who is the most iconic Real Madrid legend of Puskas and Zidane- Corriere.it

who is the most iconic Real Madrid legend of Puskas and Zidane- Corriere.it

Of Charles Baroni

He had to end up at Atletico, then a phone call from a friend of his father changed his career. There is a before and after him and his being Madrid and Madridist

This guy holds the goal in his body as Alfredo Di Stefano judges. We start from here to tell about Emilio Butragueo. Give goals. But there are numbers that statistics don't include. So El Buitre can also be explained by what he didn't win. that's all the difference between a champion and a normal champion. There are no Champions or World Cups on his bulletin board. He didn't need to. This is why it will remain a myth. A name that to pronounce it to the fans (and not only to him) his eyes still shine. Exploded between the great Real and the Galacticos. Appeared between Puskas and Zidane, yet more iconic than both. There is a before and after him. In addition, there is his being from Madrid and a Madridista. The father who makes him a member of the Club when he is only one year old. And at five he takes him to the Bernabeu. Yesterday he turned 60 and white is still his color. The party one that you can't get dirty. Of dribbling and feinting that the defender was labyrinthitis. Truly a ravenous vulture of everything.

The story (or already legend?) tells that he had to end up at Atletico. The test with the merengues had gone badly. Then a phone call from a friend of his father changed Emilio's fate. A staid boy who has always embodied the spirit of Real. Class, elegance, self-confidence that never overflows into pride and arrogance. A man who takes a plane and flies from Madrid to Milan on a mid-July afternoon with 35 degrees in the shade to attend the funeral of Luisito Suarez. The champion who played with the eternal rivals Barcelona. And to those who ask him why such a generous gesture, he replies that it doesn't matter if he has never played for us, a champion we respected and now felt we were accompanying his family in this painful moment. And then he was my coach in the Spanish national team. So, simple, direct. Like razors that the goalkeeper could only bend over to pick up the ball in the net.

To polish it off another legend of the blancos, Amaro Varela Amancio, also from La Corua, like Luisito. He coaches Castilla, Real's second team. They play before the grown-ups and the fans arrive at the Bernabeu earlier just to see that gang of kids. A reporter with a happy pen calls them The Quinta del Buitre. Alongside Butragueo are Manolo Sanchis, Michel, Martin Vazquez and Miguel Pardeza. These are years of tears and blood for Real. Almost twenty years since he won a European trophy. Julio Cesar Iglesias, the chronicler who invented The Quinta del Buitre, one evening he goes out to dinner with Alfredo Di Stefano who leads the first team. He asks him for an act of courage: to make those five kids debut with the shirt of real real. The Argentine champion understands, accepts. And immediately scored. So in football of faded legends one has remained forever and is called: Emilio Santos Butragueo. Congratulations champion!

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