What happened to Mario Balotelli? He plays for Sion, the fans contest him, he's engaged - Corriere.it

What happened to Mario Balotelli?  He plays for Sion, the fans contest him, he's engaged - Corriere.it

Of Salvatore Riggio

After the experience in Turkey and the quarrels with Montella, Balotelli returned to Sion but didn't get the hang of it. At 33 he is looking for a team, but at least he was right in court

The only good news, perhaps, is the one that comes from the Court that proved him right in a bad story where he was unquestionably the victim. For the rest, certainly not a good period for Mario Balotelli: he now he plays in Swiss, to Zion. He returned here after the experience in Turkey and the constant quarrels with his coach Vincenzo Montella, also to be close to his youngest son, Lion, had in 2017 by the Swiss model Clelia Carleen, now an ex-girlfriend (his latest partner, according to gossip, Francesca Monti from the Marches).

His side are close to relegation and he has scored just six goals in 19 games (18 league). Enough to be again, news of a few days ago, contested by his fans. He was not the only target, but certainly the most targeted player, accused by Swiss supporters of being a zombie on the pitch.

On the other hand, there is never a lack of controversy in the life of Balotelli, who will be 33 on 12 August. And here then is that the former Inter, City and Milan has publishedor an Instagram story showing a Whatsapp message from his doctor (in which he proves the reason for his absence) and an article written against him entitled Il Sion in full emergency, Balotelli on vacation. With a comment: You are disgusted.

That said, the time at Zion seems unsatisfactory. Already at the end of February the fans, after the 4-0 away defeat against St. Gallen, they had taken it out on him: Sweat your shirt or leave, one of the banners on display. And a shirt with the number 45, his, had been burned that day. The discontent had started a few months earlier, when Balo had been caught drunk in a bar in Lausanne (a team dinner, he said).

The court

The only good news comes, as mentioned, off the field. The court of Vicenza sentenced the lawyer Roberto Imparato to two years and three months in civil proceedings and ordered him to pay 80,000 euros in compensation. The story dates back to over five years ago, when Balotelli was playing for Brescia and was seeing a girl he met the previous summer in Nice. Together with the girl (then a minor), Imparato had organized a real blackmail, accusing Balotelli of sexual assault. Various interceptions have proved his innocence: in August 2021 the court of Brescia had already acquitted him, now the Vicenza episode has established that Imparato had tried to blackmail him. With that money I'll get a yellow Ferrari and another blue, the phrases on the phone of the lawyer.

Another team

Now Balotelli has only one mission: find another team to return the player of yore. And leave these difficult moments behind. Meanwhile, Sion bottom of the standings at 31 points (seven wins, 10 draws and 17 defeats), -1 from the penultimate place, from Winterthur.

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