We are a country of writers. Because we even lack the abc of technology

We are a country of writers.  Because we even lack the abc of technology

The noun mismatch isn't very fashionable, it doesn't stimulate who knows what reflections, yet it is one of the four pillars that found human nature (the other three are: symptoms, trade-offs and natural precursors). But what a pity, huh. We apply ourselves to the trivial news, we are combative for jokes and we forget the essentials. The mismatch signals a dissonance. Yes, an existential dissonance between us and the environment, in the sense that we remain the usual idiots but the environment changes a lot and the more it changes, the more difficult we have to understand it. The more idiots we become, the more we leave free space for certain psychologists (they are very popular on the web) who explain to us how to become less idiots (naturally following their personalized course). The fact is that technology has made the world a better but different place from our routine environment (working the land). We would therefore have to make a great effort to match to match, which is quite difficult, hence the mismatch. Most likely, our mind so lazy to train should learn the technological abc: it would be a fundamental teaching. It may seem strange but there are inventions that we use very naturally and whose scope, I'm not saying, we ignore (and necessarily, it's a consequence of the mismatch) but we don't even know how to identify them (after all, it's clear it would be useful to try to understand how they work).

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