Vogalonga regatta, in Venice we also row against cancer

Vogalonga regatta, in Venice we also row against cancer

Rowing together to have fun, share and better face the difficulties associated with the disease: this is the goal of the amateur rowing team set up by the IncontraDonna foundation. Sport is in fact an important tool to support the psycho-physical well-being of cancer patients, as well as fostering a climate of inclusiveness and mutual understanding between people who are facing (or have faced) cancer and those who have not had these problems. The team will participate in the Vogalonga di Venezia 2023, which will take place on Sunday 28 May, and will compete aboard an 8 jole rig supplied for the occasion by the Italian Rowing Federation as part of awareness raising and promotion of the Social Rowing Project. The initiative enjoys the patronage of Rai Per la Sostenibilità ESG and the Italian Rowing Federation.

Tumors: a year of rowing to recover well-being

by Tiziana Moriconi

The initiative

Vogalonga is a non-competitive regatta that has reached its 47th edition and sees the involvement of rowing boats from all over the world. The event will take place on a track of approximately 30 kilometres. “With this new initiative we are truly “all in the same boat” – underlines Adriana Bonifacino, President of the IncontraDonna Foundation -. We have created a team with other women, of which I am also a part, and we have been training on the Tiber for many months. Women with cancer together with others in an inclusive sporting activity”.

Tumors, rowing to fight lymphedema

by Sara Carmignani

And the initiative also aims to raise awareness of important issues such as cancer oblivion, which should guarantee cured patients the same rights as a person who has never been ill, such as taking out insurance or applying for loans and mortgages. “With our initiative - continues Bonifacino - we also want to send a strong and clear message to the institutions. The rights of cancer patients who are able to permanently defeat cancer must be protected. About 1 million men and women can be considered cured and have the right to be forgotten oncology, as required by an initiative carried out by the AIOM Foundation”.

Right to be forgotten oncology, Cnel presents the bill

by Irma D'Aria

Rowing as an opportunity for well-being

The rowing project will be extended from next autumn to other regions of Italy, where IncontraDonna is present with its regional committees: Abruzzo, Campania, Basilicata, Calabria, Sicily, Sardinia and Marche. Fundamental to the success of the initiative is the support of the Italian Rowing Federation (FIC). “We have always been close to the world of medicine and in particular to that of oncology – adds Giuseppe Abbagnale, FIC President -. We have also participated in scientific studies aimed at demonstrating how the cyclic gesture of rowing can favor and assist in the treatment of some diseases".

Breast, sports that fight cancer

by Tiziana Moriconi

Last year, in fact, a project was launched with the aim of studying the possible benefits of this discipline in the prevention of lymphedema, a relatively common complication that can occur following the removal of lymph nodes, and which results in swelling of the affected limb. But, in addition to this, the initiative is conceived and perceived as a moment of encounter for the global well-being of the person: "After months of hard work we could participate in a beautiful initiative in the splendid city of Venice - underline Nicoletta Alborino (patient and member of the IncontraDonna team) and Adriana Pannitteri (RAI journalist, also in the team) -. “Sport must be primarily a moment of socialization. Encouraging the inclusion of patients in recreational activities is instead a duty for the whole of society”.

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