Verona-Empoli 1-1: Gaich is not enough, Stojanovic freezes the Venetians in the 96th minute

Verona-Empoli 1-1: Gaich is not enough, Stojanovic freezes the Venetians in the 96th minute

VERONA - Slovenian Petar Stojanovic send the Verona to hell. Gaich's goal brings the Venetians one step away from salvation, but the right diagonal of the new Empoli entrant silences Bentegodi and signs a draw that Hellas only needs to support Spezia in view of the final 90 minutes. In the final round, Verona will visit Milan, Spezia will be on stage at the Olimpico against Roma.

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Verona contract, Empoli dangerous

Empoli must give up on Caputo, who even goes to the stands for a feverish attack in the night. The young Cacace, Casiraghi and Fazzini play with Piccoli, ex on duty, the lone striker. Verona also chooses the green line, inside Sulemana, Cabal and Terracciano. In attack Djuric is supported by only Ngonge. First half of great balance, with Verona playing contract and struggling to produce play. Empoli is better, able to do badly when they restart. Cacace is blocked by Montipò, Cabal risks a red light for a high elbow drive on Ebuehei, Ngonge has a couple of good opportunities but with his right foot he misses the goal and with his header he finds Vicario always well positioned. Verona must change pace, but the technical poverty of the maneuver of the Venetians is evident. The only solution is a high ball for Djuric who has to shoot, but Empoli always have the upper hand on second balls.

Gaich celebrates after the goal (ansa)

Gaich enters and scores, Stojanovic freezes Bentegodi

At the start of the second half it was Empoli who had a great opportunity but from a few meters away Ebuehei failed, hitting the ground with his head with the ball flying over the crossbar. The tactical choice of the Zaffaroni-Bocchetti duo pays off immediately. Fifteen minutes into Gaich and Faraoni, with the Argentine who goes alongside Djuric. A few seconds pass and Verona takes the lead.
Ngonge's venomous left from the edge, rejects short Vicar, Gaich is the quickest in the winning tap-in. The match is now more fun, Cambiaghi nearly equalizes with a nice shot from around, Gaich baskets the double from a good position. And the ball arrives evenly in recovery: Henderson's big right foot, Montipò blocks with clenched fists. Verona is fruitful and the draw arrives right on the end credits, which is the fairest result. Stojanovic's diagonal in the 96th minute leaves no way out for Montipò, Bentegodi speechless. And now everything is decided, for Verona, at San Siro against the Rossoneri.

Verona-Empoli 1-1 (0-0)
Verona (3-5-1-1): Montipò, Magnani, Hien, Cabal (1'st Ceccherini), Terracciano (14'st Faraoni), Veloso (14'st Gaich), Sulemana, Depaoli, Tameze (30'st Abildgaard ), Ngonge (37'st Coppola), Djuric. (34 Perilli, 22 Berardi, 17 Ceccherini, 2 Zeefiuk, 83 Joselito, 10 Hrustic, 7 Verdi, 25 Braaf, 30 Kallon, 80 Cissè, 97 Cazzadori). All: Zaffaroni
Empoli (4-2-3-1): Vicario, Ebuehi (31'st Stojanovic), Ismajli, Luperto, Cacace, Haas (21'st Henderson), Grassi, Akpa Akpro (31'st Vignato), Fazzini (11'st Destro), Cambiaghi, Piccoli (11'st Satriano). (1 Perisan, 22 Ujkani, 39 Angori, 4 Walukiewicz, 26 Tonelli, 16 Ignacchiti, 14 Pjaca). All: Zanetti
Referee: Chiffi of Padua
Networks: in the st 16' Gaich, 51' Stojanovic
Corners: 3-3
You recover: 5' and 7'
Ammonite yourself: Cabal, Veloso, Gaich, Ceccherini.

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